Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Haha…love the term vulture capitalist for describing Mogg.

For the likes of Mogg I consider him a cultural Brexiteer - his main purpose is basically identity politics, the desire to revert back to a sentimental Christian - non foreign - set of ideas and ideally people. This must be so because economically there’s no difference between his views and the EU. For his type the economy is fundamentally secondary.



Ha, so the Mail stoking up anger at their own failure to consider the consequences of Brexit. The c***s.

Rees-Mogg has been advising financial traders to move their money out of the UK prior to Brexit. He stands to make a fortune from his speculative trading if we leave. As stated by The Daily Mash he’s “a stupid person’s idea of a what a clever person is like”.


This is an very sensationalised misrepresentation.


while that may be sensationalised, Rees Mogg is looking to profit from Brexit in a very intentional way


This is the misrepresentation. There are several fiduciary duties in play here, it’s the responsibility of the members to protect the partnership and ensure it does well.

Part of that is being aware of Brexit, it effects and then reacting accordingly in the interests of the partnership. It would be actual negligence to expect a company which JRM owns 15% of to adhere to some misguided opinion on Brexit.

It’s an investment fund, of course he’s looking to profit from Brexit amongst other things. That’s the very purpose of the business. I wouldn’t say it’s intentional at all rather than just dealing with the reality of Brexit


I like to imagine how the vote would have gone had he told the British public the same thing he tells his investors.


Smart move by Khan all round. The people’s vote seems to be gaining traction


Whilst I support it in theory it would be very difficult to know what the options on such a referendum would be, plus I’d imagine some may be dependent on extending article 50 which isn’t in our own hands.

Plus it would take about 6/7 months to get the bill for a referendum through parliament.


I like the people’s vote initiative but there’s a reason it’s completely dominated by Remainers.

It’s nothing short of an attempt to invalidate the 2016 vote and remain the the EU. It’s entirely unworkable in reality and will do serious damage our democracy in the long and short term.

I’m a democrat before remainer so Brexit has to go ahead imo


Yep I pretty much agree fully. Plus the fact that many in the EU are planning for a UK free future so I’m not even sure where we would fit in if we did stop brexit.

I’ve always supported the EEA from the start as not only will it prevent serious economic stagnation but also respects the referendum result and I suspect will find support from a mix if leavers and remainers.


Out of interest, after how long out of the EU would it be acceptable to have a vote about rejoining in peoples opinions?


The day after.

Honestly, I think this whole “will of the people, it’s democracy in action” is completely invalidated when we now realise the level of lies and foreign interference involved in the Leave campaign.


I don’t think it holds up either. You could say it was the will of the people that a government/parliament was voted in to last for 5 years but when it came down to it that was disbanded on the whim of one person.

I don’t really know what I think democracy ultimately means but I definitely don’t think it would be one bit damaged by a second brexit vote.

As for the lies, the remainers should have told better ones themselves…or at least properly exposed the ones that were being spread.


Why can’t a democracy change its mind?


Scrap elections then because politicians can’t open their mouths without lying. Also, there’s foreign money going into the Tory party (probably labour too).


But you can vote out a government.


And vote in another set of liars. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am being mostly tongue in cheek though. As I feel this has been one massive clusterfuck from day dot. Dodgy Dave’s fucked this up with his vanity call and it blew up in has face and now the people have to cop for it.


It’s not like the leave campaign suddenly enlightened or tricked 17.4 m people to vote leave. There have been an underlying problem with the EU and plenty of scepticism with the amount of corruption and back handed dealings in the EU Parliament. You want a real U-Turn fix that dodgy parliamentary system they have that makes it as corrupt as the Senate of Ancient Rome.


There really shouldn’t be another vote on the same issue where there was either been a high voter turnout or a high threshold either way (ie 65%).

It’s clear Leavers would react poorly to any kind of second vote and that would be followed by a collective loss of faith and engagement in our democracy by large sections of society.

One question no has asked is: what happens if the turnout is lower than the 2016 vote? I heard suggestions of leave voters boycotting the polls in the event of any second vote on the EU. Second vote raises more issues than it solves

Remaining in the EU is seen by Leavers as what the political elite and ‘establishment’ want, far right groups will be emboldened, no doubt