Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


This catastrophe surely relights the embers for the writers of The Thick of it. Would love it.


Read that there is gonna be a vote against May. Is it true?


Don’t count on me, to let you know when (there’s likely to be a general election)




If we win the World Cup it’ll sweep this Brexit disaster under the rug for months


David Davis definitely resigned so he didn’t have to go into work Thursday after the game



Traitor @LordBendtner


@Cristo is Falmouth till he dies. Even has a slight twang pronouncing his r’s like all the other southwesterners.

One of us. One of us. One of us :cristo:


Haha I love how you remember my love for Falmouth and Cornwall. One of the few places that actually feels like home for me!

Are you Cornish?


What about his double r’s?


Only by family heritage I’m afraid!

I was Nafe from the old OA, I remember you speaking fondly of dear old Falmouth at the time :smile:


You’re Nafe?! I never knew :smiley:






Terri and Robyn raging :arteta:

@JakeyBoy @will24


There have been many many farcical decisions along this brexit run.

Probably the biggest and most unforgivable of all imo was the ban on civil servants from doing any preparation or groundwork into brexit before the referendum… And then May envoking article 50 as soon as she could. Always 10steps behind the whole process.



Tom Dunn has a quite magnificent gag reflex.

The sad part is millions of people will read that, and swallow it too.


Awesome, more justification to cancel the whole thing.

Put it to another vote and use this interview as evidence for why we shouldn’t do it.