Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


As in Kyle. Well he sorts most problems out in an hour. Why not.


Unfortunately it is more likely to be Rees-Mogg, which is arguably worse.


Cannot think of a better person to galvanise anybody with even slightly left leaning ideals than JRM. He’s literally Labour’s ideal Tory leader.

Tories will get wiped out if he’s ever PM


That’s true.
What a choice.
Rees Mogg or Johnson?
How does this situation come about with a country and population the size of ours?
I don’t know who would be the worst option.


Not sure if Mogg would get the numbers amongst Conservative MPs to get into contention, they’ll probably back Boris. But JRM would win comfortably amongst the Conservative membership


What are the chances of a no deal Brexit?

We are in July 2018, so I’d say significant.

These guys make Hugh Abbot look like the most competent politician ever.


This tweet has aged well


50/50 with it now perhaps slightly favouring a no deal.

If May holds firm then I think we’ll be more likely to get a deal with Boris out the way and a more sensible approach. Hate to say it but for the chances of a deal, never mind a good one, May has to stay on…


She is in a similar position as Major was in, when he was Prime Minister.
He was running a party that was just a rabble.
Everyone wanted to make a name for themselves and the newspapers were loving it.
Politicians are the most hated and despised members of society, and rightly so.


No chance for May to survive this, right?


She is finished and is like a sinking ship.
Davis and Johnson are gone and they are the rats and have deserted her because they don’t want to be associated with anyone that resembles a remainer.
They know that the people who are voting for the next Tory leader want a populist leader that endorses anything the Sun or Mail spout.

We are going to end up with one of the most right wing governments in Europe.


My dad is already talking about emigrating :slight_smile:


Hands down, one of the most self serving resignation letters have I ever read. This is rampant ambition out of control. Somebody has to end his career


Oh I think no deal is basically inevitable. There’s not much to agree on. Any attempt to tack really close to the EU is clearly going to be met with outrage, and anything that tacks away will obviously be rejected.

The Tory Brexiteers have no plan because all they really want is a cultural Brexit, economically they are identical to the EU chieftains, so there is nothing they can realistically propose. All they can do it wait until presented with a fait accompli. Ultimately, I guess that is what will happen. Jezza might be able to put forward a genuine vision but he is hamstrung by his own party. This will drag on for years.


It’s clear that none of these people want any form of negotiation with the EU whatsoever which makes me wonder what exactly they think they’ve been doing for the past two years. What happened to “they need us more than we need them - we’ll do a deal”?

I just don’t get it. We’ve come up with a compromise and these idiots have tried to cause a scene before we’ve even had the official EU response.

If we went to the EU with a reasonable proposition (I think chunks of what we’re supposedly proposing are reasonable if the EU truly wanted a good deal for both parties - which they most likely don’t) and then they were being unreasonable and messing us around I think they may actually be able to gain public support for a harder “fuck the EU” kind of Brexit because I think the majority of British people don’t want other countries taking the piss but right now it looks like it’s them that’s making it difficult and that’s not going to go down well.


Edit: just clocked the name. No it isn’t me


This Brexit thing has been such a joke.


Arguing with each other about what exactly Brexit means. A discussion which should have happened before the referendum.


The past two years has been such a mess that I don’t think The Thick of It could do it any justice haha


Terri is the kind of dumbass that would be right at home in this Tory party haha