Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Step up Michael Gove :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it winding anyone else up that the thread title is explaining what Brexit is?


Just me?


Leave my title alone. :bellerin::laca:


What a shambles this government is. Perhaps May’s position may come under threat later on today/this week too. Although I’d expect her to win a confidence vote


Conservatives need to fck off already




It’s truly remarkable, people want the country to be worse off just to get the Brexit red lines.

Whatever you make of the situation it’s embarrassing for our country on the international stage


All Davis resigning proves, is that he wants to be the leading candidate to take over as Prime Minister.
Gove, Johnson, Farage, Davis, etc, are just a bunch of over grown school kids, who crave power just for the sake of it.


Oh my god, Boris Johnson has just resigned. The circus continues :joy::joy::joy:




That’s a good thing. I couldn’t think of a worse person to be our Foreign Secretary.


Just highlights too many voices and democracy gets nothing done.


What are the numbers looking like for a vote of no confidence/ a boris leadership campaign?


No doubt Trump will give us some advice as part of our special relationship this week.


The threshold for a binding referendum should have been 65%. We could have avoided so many issues


That’s exactly what I was saying.
Johnson is just another over grown school boy who is craves fame.
He has seen the headlines Davis has made and decided he wants some of the action.
He doesn’t want to be associated with the Prime Minister, so he will join Davis as another contender, putting their name into the hat.

I said just after the last election, when May was elected, that the next American president would be Trump and the next Prime Minister would be Johnson.
Now that is looking more than likely.


Honestly dont think the country was ready for that referendum then or now. Its far to complex a matter to vote on imo.


Hopefully its Theresa next and Jezza gets the keys to No. 10


The problem is, he will be the next Prime Minister.

Trump and Johnson.
Dumb and Dumber.
But which is which?


There will probably be more resignations, then a potential leadership campaign, then if May loses we’re looking at another general election :joy:

Someone just give the job to Gareth Southgate ffs