Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Do you think Britain is going to fail through Brexit ?


It’s not as simple as that. I think Britain will get less foreign investment from companies that export throughout the EU. This has already happened but post-Brexit will increase.

To combat this The Torries will offer further tax breaks to wealthy companies and individuals. They’ve already talked about making Britain a ‘tax haven’. Because of the lower tax revenue the NHS will eventually move to a privatised profiteering model where the less fortunate will not receive care.

Workers rights will gradually be eroded by the Torries. So benefits like maternity allowance, minimum anual leave and health and safety could all be under threat.

Some British companies with low profit margins will go under because of the tarrifs on both imports and exports.

The British Pound will continue to lose value and this will mean everything you buy from food to fuel to cars will all cost more. This has already happened but it will get worse without a free trade agreement in place.

The financial industry has and will be hit hard and many jobs will be lost there.

There won’t be less immigration because no government actually wanted less immigration because it boosts the economy.

We will probably get some type of trade agreement with the US, which will mean they will be shipping in their deregulated products like chlorine washed chicken.

The most scary possibility of a US trade deal would be the potential of the NHS being carved up to US Medical and Insurance companies.

So no Britain won’t ‘fail’, there will be plenty of people getting rich on the above scenarios but it will be poorer overall and the gap between haves and have nots will grow.


It’s sad that such a key government vision seems to have gone completely unnoticed for so long, yet has effectively swung this vote because people want to think it can change.

Taking back control of borders just means we’re not obliged to let in people from places like Poland, it doesn’t mean the number of people that come here is going to significantly decrease. It’ll just mean more people from places like India, and despite the political line they’re not all going to be doctors and scientists.


Good post.
I agree with everything you said but it won’t be “plenty of people getting rich,” it will be just a few, who are already rich.
Basically, what you described there is, us turning into America.


Excellent post . It’s made very good reading .
Let’s all hope Arsenal can celebrate in Europe this season .


Without having a TV I’m wondering how well reported the pro Tommy Robinson protests in London were yesterday?

Total Nazi thugs did over police and actually attacked Downing St.

I’m totally fine with Bexit but boy has it spawned some horrible behaviour.


You don’t have a tv?! What do you do in your house then haha




Well I’ve got a laptop!

@Phoebica not that my furniture points at it lol.


It’s been 20 years since I owned a tv.


There’s nothing worth watching on tv anyway .
YouTube for classic comedy.


Does that mean now we are leaving the EU we won’t have to put up with the fucking Eurovision Song Contest ?
What a barrel of shyte that is .


No. That’s funded through state/national broadcasters. Nothing to do with the EU.


Australia and Israel is in it so it’s becoming global rather than European.
But I agree with your assessment of it :grinning:
I don’t really watch it, but when I’ve seen the highlights, which are very few, it always seems to be like a gay festival, rather than a music contest.


Wasn’t there a woman on there who had a knob?
And I’m not talking Davina McCall and
Graham Norton . :thinking:




Can’t say it’s unexpected but I was hoping for a different outcome.

So annoying we’ll be dealing with the Brexit mess less behind by the old fogies. We’ll be voting on rejoining in 10-20 years.


Woooooo Democracy!

Wait, they’re going to vote for something I don’t like?

Booooooo Democracy!



Raising taxes warned for next few years after Brexit.

Shocked at that…

If only someone would have warned us.