Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Germany had no choice but to invest heavily
The allies flattened it during WW2
As harsh as it sounds , it fact



Feels like we’re in 1968 not 2018 with all this Russian stuff. :smile:


What does this have to do with any of my points regarding free trade though?


The only thing that matters now quite frankly ,and I’m talking fuck Brexit and the political bullshit
What formation is Emery going to use and how is he going to strengthen the squad ! Brexit can wait , winning the PL or the CL is far more important than a load of crusty public educated millionaires talking bollocks .


Honestly the whole leave campaign and the the vote itself was a total farce.

When Vladimir Fuckin Putin comes out to support Brexit and says it’ll be great, you know it’s a fucking mistake.

The UK is playing RIGHT into Russia and China’s hands, which is hilarious because those are the countries we do not want to be cow towing to.


It was a vote on emotions, not facts. We’re tired of ‘experts’.


The leave campaign did a very good job of making people think they care about the plight of the fisherman as if it were a major national issue, when actually they most likely couldn’t give a shit.

In fact most British people I know don’t even like fish all that much.


This is one of the most retarded arguments going. The UK already has trade agreements with those countries which will all be ripped to shreds and Britain as a much smaller trading block will have to re-nogiatiate with less favourable terms. We can’t simply magic business in different countries where there is little demand for our products/services. There’s a reason most of our trade is with the EU and it’s because they have advanced economies and demand our products/services.

Actually no we don’t. We’re primarily a service economy because for decades we’ve invested nothing in engineering.


At least those pesky migrants wont be coming here, taking our jewbs.


Except they will because of free trade agreements with other countries made necessarily by Brexit and ironically from countries that Brexit voters won’t appreciate like India.


But at least we’re taking back control!


Depends on your interpretation of engineering?
Engineering covers a vast spectrum.
The fact is , Britain will be a far stronger country once we are out of the EU .
The daily millions that are wasted being in the EU could be used elsewhere .


That’s an opinion, and not a fact.


No it doesn’t. The amount of engineering industry in the UK economy is small and has been getting smaller and smaller and isn’t something the government will invest in.

No we aren’t as is by the complete devaluation of the pound, our economy is clearly in freefall and everything is more expensive because of it. Businesses are going bust and redundencies are happening because of investment drying up.

The amount paid to the EU is fuck all in comparison to how much wealth has left this country already. And guess what we will still pay the EU near the same amount to get any type of trade deal without influencing the EU.


The only thing we could really claim to do well is sell money. And that’s the thing that people of this country hate the most about our economy.

I don’t know where people get the idea that Brits are somehow more intelligent or talented than other people.


The person who basically fucked Britain up is Thatcher.
She done more damage than any Brexit vote , it is only now that our manufacturing industries are getting back where they were .
All this nonsense about ending free trade is nothing short of speculation . Do you honestly think that once Brexit has happened it’ll be a case of ‘sorry we aren’t dealing with you !’ Again it’s all unnecessary speculation.
Stopping skilled European workers, from all sectors, coming into this country is another load of bollocks
Brexit will only be as good as the negotiations.
One thing that is guaranteed, Britain won’t sink through Brexit .


I cant say anything in this thread I’m still too mad about what happened and reading this thread I just get madder…

Nope - I just typed something and I’m deleting it all - cant do it…


Thaterite policies were devisive and economically ruined areas of the country but they did grow the economy. Blair was a Thaterite in policy as has been the subsequent Tory governments, except more so.

But if you’re an anti-Thatcherite why would you vote for Brexit which would allow the Tories to have far more power to implement right wing policies that the EU currently blocks?

BTW as many times as you say it, no we haven’t had a massive manufacturing growth and if we have much of it is from foreign investment plants that will leave the UK when Brexit hits and many have already started re-locating.

Do you actually know what a free trade agreement is? Because Brexit literally means we rip up every free trade agreement around the world that we’ve negotiated and goto WTO Tarrifs from a starting point. If we want to negotiate any free trade agreements they usually take a decade or so to negotiate.

For someone who comes across as ‘pro manufacturing’ you’d think that would seem very very negative.


Are you based in Britain?