Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Did anyone see this?


Ahah! Your arch enemies making your passport :mustafi:


Passports and fish.



He seems to have forgotten the word “some” in that sentence


Shouldn’t ‘some’ be ‘majority’?


Brexit is a pain for Labour. Not sure Corbyn if doing much wrong in relation to the public mood and Brexit though. There simply isn’t a majority for a second referendum


Seems to depend on the metric.

Either way the statement I criticised isn’t accurate, evidently. Unless you want to argue that Labour voters uniformly are against Brexit

Fairly sure that if Corbyn wants to win the next election he needs to focus on more than just the views of Labour voters anyway, no?


After his failed leadership bid, I’m more surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.

Hard one for me, because I think Smith is correct.




Wonder what their headlines will be like when Brexit doesn’t happen…


I think the key to the next election for Labour is drawing the support of other left wing voters with a soft or even anti brexit stance.

The core policies of the manifesto is basically sorted. I doubt other policies are likely to attract voters in huge numbers


Will Brexit even be an issue at the next election? Assuming it is in 2022 the chances are that Brexit will be over and we would’ve left the EU and the transition period.

It’ll probably be much more about trade and social care etc


The reason people didn’t want to vote for Labour was that it was a party in disarray. That’s why they polled so low and why the election happened in the first place. I think that’s why going against party position shouldn’t be coming from the front bench. At the end of the day this is opposition politics, it’s not everyone have an opinion and bang on about it. What people want is a credible government with some kind of unity in their vision and a leader with a team not going against them.


Anyone opposed to Brexit would sensibly vote Labour next election, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about winning that vote. If anything a I would prefer Labour to try and win some of the pro-Brexit vote.

Ultimately Labour have the NHS, schools, all these types of issues in the bag, their success next election will come down to it’s economic platform. Another strong manifesto to put to bed the false narrative that the crash was down to Labour and that Tories are a safe pair of hands. Cut into that and Labour will win.


Not much to see here really and tbh whether the money was spent legitimately or not the votes were still cast so I think it’s a stretch to say the democratic process has potentially been compromised…but still this is interesting all the same.


With the final vote count being so close, that’s what makes this overspending meaningful.


I’m no supporter of Brexit but remain had much more money and the support of the political elite in the UK and aboard.

This is an attempt to undermine the vote.


It’s not about how much you have, but how much you spent. That’s why we have these spending limits.


1.3m votes difference isn’t close.