Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Weekly post about labour shitting the bed and disappearing when everything is happening.


It was inevitable, and I 100% agree with her. Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland voted to remain within the EU.

So if N.Ireland get a deal, which essentially means they’ll remain within the EU in all but name, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that the others will demand the same.

And you can bet that the EU will back them all the way, giving them more leverage.


She’s absolutely right. Why is the Labour leadership sitting on their hands!?


Corbyn is a pretty useless opposition leader let’s face it. He only saved his post on through his ability when I campaign mode and from an awful Conservative campaign strategy.

More now than ever we need effective opposition yet he seems completely unable to provide it. I was (sort of) a fan of his, yet I just can’t wait until he goes back to the backbenches now.


That’s is ridiculous why should labour do anything? The first thing labour wanted was a cross party negotiations, but conservatives was not for it.

Labour is doing the right thing and letting conservatives fail.


What do you mean why should Labour be doing anything about it? They’re the opposition! Their job is to put forward a critique of the government and their own plans for what they would be doing in office. I’ve heard as many brexit platitudes from Corbyn & Co than I have from Theresa May.

It’s not enough for Labour to just sit back and wait. There is absolutely no chance they will win office by doing that. Least of all they’re doing the nation and the position of opposition a grave disservice.


What would you have them do?


I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be doing, other than opposing them in the Commons, which they do at every opportunity.


brexit is a disaster whatever happens, If either party openly campaigned for canceling the whole thing they would loose as many votes as they gain or close too either way

If labour are in no way involved at all in whatever the out come may be the Tory’s have to own it, That’s what they wanted when they thought it might work anyway


Put forward meaningfull proposals for what they would be doing should they be the ones negotiating Brexit. They have flip-flopped at every opportunity on Brexit. One minute they want us out of the single market, next minute it’s back in again. For example, in the 2017 manifesto they ruled out freedom of movement, then went on to sugget keeping all the benefits of the single market. The two are incompatible no matter what Labour HQ say.

Answering the question, I’d like for them to commit to a position. If they want us out of the single market then they are just as bad as the Conservative Party in this whole mess. If they us in it, and therefore accepting freedome of movement, then they should say it!


It’s in their manifesto to take us out the single market and they sacked 4(?) MPs who voted with Umunnas amendment to keep is in the single market in the event of a no deal.


So Donald Tusk is making a speech about Brexit at 6:50 tomorrow morning GMT. No one seems to know what it is about, my guess would be either a cofirmation that talks can/cannot be moved on to the next stage. But then I don’t believe he has the power to decide that alone. Either way it’s a weird time to schedule it, 10 minutes before the opening of the European markets.

Hmm okay maybe there will be some movement. I’m still skeptical though


The PM said there would be no hard border and the Good Friday Agreement would be upheld.

EU citizens in the UK “will be able to go on living as before”.


That’s all I care about


Bloody (Brit accented) foreigner. :sanchez2::laca:

Yeah, it’s good both the EU citizens who’ve built lives here and UK citizens who’ve built lives on the continent will have their status protected.


This is going to piss off people who voted leave :joy:


So May basically capitulated to everything the EU wanted. Essentially the same deal we already have, only without the ability to influence policy and use veto power on the very policies we’ll be subject to.


It’s not really capitulation tbh. The deal fairly represents the practical reality of leaving the EU, the only alternative was no deal which would have been disastrous for the UK.


What’s going to be different?

It’s not leave. It’s not no deal. It’s not a hard Brexit. It’s a Brexit so soft, like a big fluffy pillow.


Good deal for us as europeans, but the right-wing will probably be fuming.