Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union

Big minus is that its currently on fire tho


Australia are becoming pretty protectionist because their own people seem to be losing out on jobs to ‘expats’ (hah) from the UK who move over for sun and a better life.

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Yo Aus, how would you like this to be a common scene along your beaches?

I see Wayne Rooney has let himself go since he moved to Derby.


@Cristo hit the holidays hard.


If I’m a Premier League club, I’m trying to acquire as many talented 16 and 17 year olds as possible this month.

With Brexit, UK clubs will no longer be able to utilise Article 19 exception and, save for very limited exceptions, will have to wait until players are 18 to buy.

Brexit could actually be a good thing for English footballers and the English national team.


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Jealousy doesn’t suit you. Brexit is going to win us the 2026 World Cup and there is nothing you can do about it :sunglasses: :grin:

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I’m not saying I’d cheer for it but an England tournament win wouldn’t bother me. I basically end up hating all teams with a chance of winning these things so it’s just swapping out one set of cunts for another. :slight_smile:

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FAI could give remain players Irish passports. :thinking::v::ireland:

That’s the old FAI way. They are having to clean up their act :flushed:

This is FIFA where talking about. You’ll be fine.

I hate this country

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Can’t he just take £500,000 from a state school or hospital in a deprived northern town? Sounds like it would be less of a faff

The rang it on New Years Eve, so not sure why it would cost 500 grand to do it again.

Not satisfied with getting his own way, he wants to shove the result in everyone else’s faces.
Typical Eton educated, public schoolboy behaviour.
No modesty, no humility just an ego the size of a planet.

Similar how we spent the last three years with marches from people wanting to overturn a democracy because they did not win.


The trade posturing is getting hotter, The next 5 years are going to be very rough and intense negotiation with the EU. I am very intrigued though, I think Boris is very lock in to a tough stance

Cars from the EU are about to be very expensive

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How’s things in Eire btw?

Hear the big 2 parties are struggling, Varadkar popularity in the mud and Sinn Fein on the rise?