BrewDog - Camden's own beer is a disgrace

  • check out the photos from linkedin, share and i suggest a boycott of Camden’s BrewDog Beer

It’s more Paddy Power. They’ve always been scumbags though.

I’m boycotting Brewdog/PaddyPower.
I don’t buy from them anyway, but it still counts right? :grin:

Brewdog is Scottish no?

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here’s the guy and agency responsible.

It’s just a desperate attempt to be seen. Shit banter.

This is literally their shtick and you’re feeding into it.

Who cares.

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Oh well, look like the box under the stairs will be going down the sink. Cunts.

Why, you’ve already bought it lol


Can’t be angry. They spend most of their time mocking Spurs.

Got to take the rough with the smooth :slight_smile:

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Was a gift from a job, I don’t buy that shit with my money my Dansk friend :joy:

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Hahaha fair enough

I’d never buy it either, properly overpriced and overrated

Brew dog should have already been boycotted because their beer is piss.

Meh, it’s just a bit of marketing. I quite enjoy some of the fun Paddy Power poke at pretty much the whole league, you’re always going to be the butt of the joke at some point.