Boxing Thread

I really, really, really, really fucking hope Tommy Fury puts an end to this circus, or most likely end in a draw so neither fighter is embarrassed.

I’m hoping that Tyson meant it when he basically said he’d strip Tommy of his surname and basically disown him and that means he isn’t gonna take a dive to aid the ascension of the great Jake Paul.

Feels like everyone this YouTube clown fights probably has a clause in their contract saying they can’t knock this fool out.

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Just goes to show that all Jake’s are shit imo.

Wtf even is a Bavin smh

It’s likely. This is all just WWE shit

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I get why people could cringe but I think Tyson and John are actually hilarious :rofl:.

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I’ve watched it twice. John Fury whilst a little cringe is fucking hilarious, this is brilliant… Called him a cat weasel like :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: