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Mate you have lost your mind. This is one of the worst takes I’ve ever heard in my life.

I’ve never heard a worst take on boxing in my life. I did a quick Google and found out where you got your information on Archie Moore’s shoulder roll and George Benton. A quick Google of the word Archie Moore shoulder roll and one of the first responses is an article detailing George Benton’s innovative training and how he trained Whitaker and Holyfield. And it also mentioned about the cross arm approach of Archie Moore.

It was clear as day you didn’t know what you’re talking about and it’s even clearer that you’re googling your information and building your posts from there.

If you want to engage in a discussion on boxing don’t resort to googling your information and trying to argue back with someone who’s spent his entire life watching the sport and actually taking part in it. Fury’s shoulder roll isn’t in the same stratosphere as Floyd.

Google is not your friend in this instance.


A lot of it is his promoter.

Joshua Wilder and Joshua Fury were 2 mega fights with huge hype and money behind them.

And neither happened and now it won’t be the same unless Joshua and wilder build themselves back up.

And you can’t deny Joshua is the common denominator there. I do think Joshua wanted to make the fights happen but his circle and Hearn are slimey fucks and were trying slimey shit and the other camps probably weren’t having it.

You’re wrong bro. Wilder admitted he turned down $100m for the AJ fights. He openly said it himself he turned it down to fight Breazeale and Fury.

The same way Fury turned down the AJ fight in favour of the fights he had in between Wilder 1 and Wilder 2. And also lost our on the AJ fight because of the 3rd fight with Wilder.

Hearn has put the money on the table and both guys have made other fights happen.

Lol, start off a post with mate and then go onto make some disparaging remarks about Googling info. The condescension is delightful.

I’ll try and be polite in my response because the baiting in your last post is hugely provocative. Trying to argue back about boxing with someone just because he’s boxed. Jeez :roll_eyes: maybe none of us ought to post on here seeing as we’ve never played football at a professional level.

Archie has something similar to a shoulder roll, but it isn’t it. It’s the forefather of it, but it’s not a shoulder roll. Benton invented it.

The irony is, you’ve had to go to Google for this, I haven’t.


I didn’t google for it. It was clear as day to me you didn’t know what you were talking about so I wanted to show you what Archie Moore shoulder roll looked like and it quite clearly exposed you’re googling for responding.

Your take is shit. You said it can’t be dismissed but it can because it’s nonsense. Being 6’9 and bigger than everyone you fight is what makes Fury elusive and harder to hit not his lazy attempt at a shoulder roll.

It’s easy to see when someone largely doesn’t know what they’re talking about and that was obvious to me from the jump.

I don’t think you know what a shoulder roll is, honestly.

I’m gonna leave it at that.

Good evening, squire.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and thinking back to how he behaved say after the 2nd fight with Ortiz and how it gradually changed and got all weird and then worrying and then sad and then he got knocked out cold…

I wonder if Fury over these three fights and especially with the way it ended now, I wonder if he didn’t just steal his soul. I wonder if he’s a hollow man walking now, Wilder. Not necessarily but it will be interesting to see. He went from high-on-life to delusional to composed to humble to I don’t even know anymore. It’ll be interesting to see how he tackles this.

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I know what a shoulder roll your take was just ridiculous. You made an outrageous point which nobody with a working set of eyes would ever agree with you on. Floyd is such a well known and great shoulder roller that it’s even often referred to as the Mayweather roll these days.

You can’t just say something as stupid as Fury has a better shoulder roll than Floyd and then act like it’s a reasonable opinion or debate. It isn’t. It’s no different to me saying that I think someone like Kane is a better dribbler than Messi and saying it’s not as outrageous as it sounds. It is. Because Kane isn’t associated with being a great dribbler the same way Fury isn’t associated with being a great exponent of the shoulder roll.

Fury is an effective mover for a guy his size but a great shoulder roll he does not have. It’s just impressive to see someone that big move like he can sometimes.

But nobody would even rank Fury in the top 10 exponents of the shoulder roll let alone rank him ahead of the very best to do it. Floyd made world class fighters miss him for fun. And that’s why he went his entire professional career without ever being legitimately knocked down and barely ever being caught flush on the chin.

Not only that but then you proceeded to say that a man who is so frequently associated with the shoulder roll (Archie Moore) didn’t shoulder roll. And in the same breath have the audacity to tell me I don’t know what a shoulder roll is. The Mongoose is so famous for his shoulder roll that people often (wrongly) believe he was the one who invented it. He was a master defensive fighter with an incredible arsenal or slips.

At the end of the day, you’re not only wrong you’re beyond outrageously wrong and you tried to double down and tel me I don’t know what a shoulder roll is when it’s clear as day that I do which is why I can categorically tell you that you’re wrong.


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Here comes the biggest bitch on the forum doing his usual routine lmao. Don’t you have any shame or do you like being a weird cheerleader who complains when people dish it out to him but spend forever and a day obsessively making snide comments.

This was a debate between me and someone else, but you still felt the need to add your stupid little emojis. It’s almost weird at this point. But I’m also not surprised by it, because it’s by and large just the kind of snide and bitchy thing I’d expect from you.

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Chill the fuck out, man.

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Jesus Christ I can already see where this is going. I’m going to remove myself from this because I really can’t be bothered to do this again.

Rent free.

You had already chimed out of the debate, I found something funny from your post. He personally attacks me. Prayers for the lad.


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Current top 5 heavyweight rankings?

  1. Fury
  2. usyk
  3. Whyte
  4. Wilder
  5. Ruiz

Have I missed anyone?

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How have you not got AJ in the top 5? He’s literally the holder of 3 belts prior to losing to Usyk.

  1. Usyk (holder of 3 belts)
  2. Fury
  3. AJ
  4. Whyte
  5. Wilder

Some guys to look out for; Joyce, Frank Sanchez, Hrgovic

But the talent pool in the division is awful right now.

I’m not an expert here, but having watched all the recent fights I have no idea how you can put AJ above Wilder. AJ is a bodybuilder, and a decent boxer, but Fury, Wilder and Usyk would all beat him, and beat him convincingly, but I do agree, he is in the top 5, but only just!

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I don’t see AJ beating any of them. Not even Whyte.


Hasn’t AJ already beaten Whyte convincingly?

It was an emphatic finish, but Whyte had him rocked in that fight. He also lost to Whyte in the amateurs.

And I think Whyte is a better fighter than he was back then.

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