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I don’t even get how this is decided? His actual resume is piss poor. Wilder is not a good fighter and that’s been proven again and again and his sole top quality win was Wlad.

Outside of that he’s a proven drug cheat.

There is no definitive best heavyweight of this generation. Tyson Fury’s drug taking and avoidance of top opponents has to be taken into consideration.

AJ may have lost to Usyk but he’s fought a higher calibre of opposition and unified three title belts. And Usyk is in himself one of the very best fighters of his generation


Have Usyk and Fury fought before?

Nope but it’ll be a great fight if it ever happens.

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He’s literally Mickey from Snatch lol


The weight disparity if they fought though, I think Usuk barely crawled over 220 when he fought AJ and I think Fury was near 280 now vs Wilder. And from google there’s a 7 inch reach advantage :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I think Fury schools Usyk.

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Everyone thinks Fury v Joshua would be a close fight and Usyk gave Joshua an education. Usyk Fury would be a fantastic fight and I really think it would suprise people.

Schools him how lol? He might beat him but he can’t school someone who’s an infinitely superior boxer on every level. Fury will likely win due to the disparity in size but let’s not pretend like Fury didn’t get dropped by a cruiserweight and definitely lost to John McDonnell.

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I mean, it’s not just the disparity in size. He’ll impose his will on Usyk.

Even in terms of offensive style, Fury is doing the right things and he has the right trainer to enable him to do that. He’s constantly evolving.

So how does he school him? I’m not seeing anything in your post that indicates Fury is going to school Usyk.

Outside of the size advantage, what does Fury do better than Usyk?

Usyk’s chin and head movement will keep him competitive in any fight in this division.

He’d cause Fury big problems if he can get inside.

Looking back, Joshua was so foolish trying to outbox Usyk.

Should have just thrown bombs to the body, use his strength advantage. Poor guy just didn’t trust his chin.

Needs to go back to what got him to the top, Ruiz aside. People overhating on him.

Hope he can get his reputation sorted again so we can have some good fights in the future.

Start by beating wilder but I guess he wants to get ruined off Usyk again.

If we’re using the AJ v Usyk fight as a guide, Fury comes into the fight far more prepared to fight a southpaw than AJ was. He also fights for a 3 minute round, unlike AJ, who fights in patches.

If Fury also uses his weight and height advantage to grab and lean on Usyk (a technique that shouldn’t be so readily dismissed because it is a technique, as Fury showed on Saturday), it’ll tire Usyk out.

It’s embarrassing how quickly people have been to clown AJ.

Unified the heavyweight division with 3 titles held in around 22 fights. He’s an Olympic medalist. He’s fought;


He’s avenged his major career defeat with a shutout win and is attempting to avenge his second defeat. People are dismissive of him because they simply don’t like him and a lot of people have just bought into the drug cheat Fury’s lies.

Reality is AJ has made every attempt to secure a fight with Wilder and Fury. And Wilder turned down $100m whilst Fury fought an array of bums after the Klitschko fight. Outside of the Wilder trilogy (who is himself an awful fighter lol), he hasn’t fought a single top contender.

AJ gets stick but he’s a rare breed of modern boxer who isn’t scared to put his legacy and titles on the line in big fights. He risked a massive Fury fight going against Usyk in what was always going to be a very risky fight but he did it anyway. The hatred and dislike some people have for him is disproportionate beyond measure


Why would we use the AJ fight as a measure? They’re not even remotely similar style fighters it has no baring on how Usyk would approach a fight with Fury.

AJ throws more punches than Fury does pretty much every time he fights to so it’s total nonsense that Fury fights for a full 3 minutes and AJ fights in spurts.

Outside of size, how does Fury school Usyk? Because he’s more prepared? Based on what? And how does that equate to a schooling

With Fury you’ve actually got more of a complete fighter than Usyk. He can fight out of either stance. He arguably has a more superior shoulder roll to Floyd Mayweather, setting up a more sophisticated defence (couple this to a more superior use of feints).

In terms of footwork of boxers over 6’3", Fury’s is the best in history.

He brings all that to the table against Usyk, and Usyk is schooled, in my opinion.

What? Are you being serious? Did you just say that Fury has a better shoulder roll than Floyd?

Only Archie Moore and maybe James Toney used their shoulder better in boxing history than Floyd. That’s one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard anyone say.

He got dropped 4 times by Wilder, hurt by Otto Wallin a few times, dropped by Steve Cunningham and beaten up by John McDermott and you’re calling his shoulder roll sophisticated? It’s crap, he’s just 6’9 and knows how to use his height well.

Usyk blows him out of the water with movement and feints. Usyk has some of the most sophisticated footwork in boxing and his use of feints is masterful as we saw in the AJ fight.

I’m sorry mate but you’ve totally lost your mind if you think Fury has a shoulder roll even in the same breath as Mayweayher. There are so many levels between their boxing IQ and ability to use their shoulder it’s not even normal.


I <3 Fury.

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I’ve said it’s arguable, and it can’t just be dismissed as readily as you have done so.

Fury’s shoulder roll is more fluid than Floyd’s. Floyd’s rolling is stiffer than Fury’s.

Archie Moore’s is actually a cross arm defense that may look like a shoulder roll but isn’t. The Philly shell, aka the shoulder roll was actually invented in it’s pure form in the 60s by George Benton, trainer of Pernell Whitaker and Evander Holyfield.

None of the Mayweathers perform the shoulder roll better than Benton, Toney or Fury, even if FMJ is the more skilled fighter overall.

There’s also an argument to be had that Usyk isn’t as masterful as he’s made out to be. AJ couldn’t figure out the southpaw angles and the punch choice within angles. Fury goes into a fight against Usyk better prepared.

It can be dismissed mate it’s one of the most ridiculous opinions I’ve ever heard in my life. You’ve totally lost it when you called Fury’s lazy and sluggish shoulder roll better than Floyd Mayweather.

One mans been dropped 5 or 6 times in his career the other went his entire professional career fighting infinitely more skilled opponents and barely even being hurt let alone dropped.

Anybody who knows me knows I can’t stand Floyd and think he’s one of the main reasons for fighters being so protective of their undefeated record these days but he was a fucking master fight and light years ahead of Fury in terms of pure skill.


We’re talking about the shoulder roll, not overall skillset, Fury’s shoulder roll is far closer to Toney’s than Floyd’s. You can argue Floyd has the better overall defense but not the better overall shoulder roll.

You have to look at the motion in rolling punches, Fury’s is better than Floyd’s in that actual defense