Boxing Thread

I’m still kinda glad the superfight looks like it’s going ahead now, though.

A Pulev win tonight would have meant more delays.

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AJ just needs that bastard mentality in finishing opponents off like Tyson used too. He needs to be more clinical and go for the kill. Have to say a few more fights and the mentality aspect will be fine. Pulev was a dangerous fight but very one dimensional. Fury will prove to be a better opponent but would like to see AJ fck him up !!

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Fury all day long over AJ


Fury will almost certainly outbox AJ. But AJ may be able to knock Fury out with those explosive combinations and uppercuts he has inside.

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I’m not sure about that. Pulev was a good opponent. Very solid Eastern European technician with A Class timing and defence. It’s not like Povetkin didn’t give AJ similar issues prior to Ruiz.

AJs great in bursts but doesn’t have the stamina to fight 3 minutes a round.


Tyson Fury just confirmed Fury vs AJ has been agreed!

Two fight deal with the first in 2021.


Good stuff tbf. Hope it’s a good couple of fights.

I’m not a boxing fan but this is the equivalent of cunts like me just watching the world cup.

Hope we can go to pubs etc to see it

No it will be in a stadium Cal. Pubs a bit small.

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you are better than that stroller

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Lovely stuff

I really hope, somebody shuts Jake Paul the fuck up in a boxing ring. Who the fuck is this turd anyway?

It’s not about winning or losing for him, but expanding the brand. If anything we have to hope nobody responds…


I know, would still like him to get a pasting with his disgusting mouth :rofl:

Take off for Ryan

I truely thought he’d just be Golden Boy’s poster boy but fair play to him. Luke Campbell is no mug.


The Bruno v Tyson documentary is going to “drop” (ergh, I hate myself) on Sky on Friday.

This is the build up and fallout from their first fight, with an in depth look into their lives.

Looks fascinating.


Cheers mate, hopefully it’s included in NOW TV

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Looking forward to this !!

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Great to hear him talk

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