Boxing Thread


Anyone got a link?


Gotta give Eubank Jr some credit here that was an improved version of his usual style. Can’t believe this guy went that long without a decent coach.


DeGale should definitely pack it in. Achieved a lot but he hit his ceiling a couple years ago now

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WBO have ordered Kovalev v Yarde for the light heavyweight belt.

Really hope they take it.



Saturday 16, March 2019
AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, USA

Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia (3am Main Event)
David Benavidez vs J’Leon Love
Charles Martin vs Gregory Corbin

Don’t forget to buy that extra EXTRA food & drink today people & enjoy the boxing on ITV4 tonight.


Sooo excited!!!

Also, for those recording the fight - I strongly recommend recording the program after. Last time I recorded a fight on ITV the recording stopped half way during the fight because the fight carried on past the program schedule time.

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I can’t wait. Was scrambling around looking for reasonable last minute flights to Dallas for a few days but they were around £1.3k unfortunately.

Listen Spence via TKO is my prediction.

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I agree mate. The size will be too much

Huge if, but if Mikey does it - would you agree that automatically puts him top 3 p4p? A lot of names up there but I imagine he has a strong argument to claim his space there


Will either of these doods be able to face Canelo? He annoys me for some reason I wanna see a better fighter knock him off his perch.

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Think it’d be too big a jump for either of them. Especially Mikey, he’s probably pushing his limits even going for the welterweight title (tbc tonight of course).

Yeah, would love to see Canelo knocked off his horse. Not because I dislike him, I actually don’t despise him as much as others but just to give Golden Boy a kick to their cash cow.

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I know very little about boxing. But anyone got any love for Katie Taylor?

She’s in the conversation for Irelands greatest sportsperson by my reckoning.


That was a whooping and tbh I think an argument could have been made for the fight being stopped in he 9th


I saw her live last year at the o2, and she is hands down the most talented boxer I’ve seen live across both genders. Fantastic sportsperson too

And yeah, the Spence fight went almost exactly as I thought it would, I cannot wait to see him step in with Thurman or Crawford one day!

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I hope it’s not Pacquiao, that would be similarly one-sided now


Her doc that’s recently gone onto Netflix is worth a look. Not massively insightful but she’s so private it’s good to see any really. :slight_smile:

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Shall check it out for sure! :blush:


Virgil’s a real one. Find his upfront honesty refreshing. No surprise Andre Ward was his guy.


Jarrell Miller popped for Endurobol what a dickhead


Crawford outboxed and outworked Khan from the word go. Looked a bad low blow but was only going one way regardless. I don’t believe Khan feigned being unable to continue to bail out of it, but I can see why people think that. As Malignaggi predicted the legs of old are gone. He can no longer compete at the highest level.

Hopefully we do get to see Crawford v Spence in their prime.


I think Khan quit. He didn’t even take close to the full 5 minutes to recover he just didn’t want to continue getting pummelled.

All I know is I am going to Crawford-Spence when it gets announced.

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