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Anyone paying PPV for either of the events in Manchester or London this weekend?

It’s a bit weird them being on the same night but I guess the purists will be favouring Frampton/Warrington


There is no way Chisora-Whyte II is a PPV fight but Hearn will somehow dupe the British public into spending money on something that has no place on PPV television.

Frampton-Warrington is the much better fight between two of the top 5 featherweights in the world.


Yeah it’s a good example of the disproportionate effect that trash talk can play on hyping a fight. I wonder if Whyte/Chisora will do significantly bigger ppv numbers, also with the advantage of the bigger profile Sky has as a platform.

Whyte/Chisora will probably start off at 1000mph and then descend fairly quickly into a slugfest, which for some people is just what they want to see anyway from a couple of heavyweights. I expect they’ll both take the knee at some point during the fight. Whyte to shade it, but Joshua to snub him anyway and take the Big Baby Miller fight next year


Sounds like Warrington is doing the business.

The full fight if anyone wants to watch:


Sounds like both were really strong bouts but pretty sure the right choice was made in going with Warrington/Frampton

Dillian Whyte so unlucky in getting pushed aside with all the clamour for the big 3 names


Whyte is unlucky but the truth is he will end up fight Joshua in April at Wembley because I personally think Wilder will either fight Fury or Breazeale next and that leaves AJ with either Fury or Whyte and I don’t think Fury negotiates with Hearn just yet. Not until he gets the W over Wilder he deserved in the first match.


Was interesting to see AJ pretty peeved off after the fight whe he got on the mic though wasn’t it. Do you reckon there’s any chance his frustration might make him favour taking the Wilder fight at lower demands?


This guy :arteta:

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If you could somehow monetise the nibbles and bites you get here, you’re in the money.


I’m torn between going to LA or NY in April for a big fight.

Lomachenko will apparently be fighting in April in LA against a yet unnamed opponent or there’s the Crawford-Khan which is due to end up in NY with a small possibility of Vegas.

So do I watch a generational talent Lomachenko fight in LA or do I go to NY to watch Khan take a whooping? If it was Crawford-Spence it’s a no brainer but it isn’t unfortunately so I have to think long and hard.


Man I’m so jealous, I’d love to do that but unfortunately my circle aren’t as big boxing fans as I am so would be hard to find people to cough up for it.

Understand why you’re torn though, Loma is perhaps technically one of the most gifted boxers ever. To see his boxing in person would be a joy, but then I feel Crawford and Khan is going to have just a bit more bite to the whole event. And for obvious reasons you’re certainly more likely to see a devastating conclusion.

Either way you’re gonna have a blast.

P.s. did you consider Spence - Garcia?

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I went to Vegas a few years ago to watch the first Ward-Kovalev fight which was an amazing experience. So I’m pumped to be getting to another big fight this year. Even if you have the one friend I’d recommend it mate.

I’m just not appealed by Amir Khan that’s the problem. And seeing a fighter as great as Lomachenko in his pomp would be surreal for me.

I did consider Spence – Garcia but I think it’s too much of a mismatch with the weight unfortunately. I think if it was Garcia-Lomachenko or Spence-Crawford it’d be an absolute no brainer for me.

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Totally agree on Garcia-Spence, either way whichever one you pick I’m sure you won’t regret it.

I did the Froch-Groves II at Wembley which was surreal, and perhaps one of the better overall cards I went to was the Whyte-Parker last summer. Next stop needs to be a US card for sure.


Personally I’d go with the more competitive fight. Although I haven’t seen Khan’s last couple of fight to judge how much he has left. If you don’t have the best view I’m not sure you get the best experience watching the technically better boxer in a 1 sided fight. Although having said that watching Sugar Ray Leonard throw his shadowboxing combinations in person while in his mid 50s was quite different to seeing it on TV.

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My thinking is also that I’ll enjoy LA more than I would NY. It gives me an excuse to fulfil my wish to train in Gold’s Gym and I also get to watch a generational talent in Lomachenko. I have no doubt Crawford-Khan will be more competitive I’m just not all that interested in watching a Khan fight to be honest with you. Plus, as much as I like T Bud, I’d rather see him in a scrap with Spence, Thurman or Pacquiao.

I’ll definitely get good seats though. I don’t ever go to live events and get crap tickets because it feels like a bit of a waste of money when you can’t really see the action.


Probably the Loma one, but then the atmosphere for the Khan Crawford fight might be really good too.


Yah come to LA @SRCJJ so we can stage a meet up and win OA moment of the year 2019!! :heart::heart: I’m gonna steal u from Jakey :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


When @SRCJJ accidently spots A4TT in LA.


good fight

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Yeah it is but I think DJ is actually past it and hasn’t looked good since the GGG fight. Think it’s another carefully selected fight from team Canelo.


Agree, Canelo will avoid Demetrius Andrade for the next few years.

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