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I’m more interested in Fury v Wilder II. AJ can wait.

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This is Fury


I wonder how these judges can sleep at night.

You look at how hard these athletes have had to work to get into this shape for this fight tonight. An hour of incredible hard work, sweat and toil.

Meanwhile, you have an absolute disgrace of a judge (well, 2 judges) calling it however he sees fit. They’ve got the professional careers of these boxers in their hands. A projected rematch could be as late as April or May. Who knows what can happen in that time?

Echoes of Lewis v Holyfield


I think you have to have a rematch now. Which means AJ wont fight either until at least early in 2020.


I’m not interested in a rematch and I don’t think Fury is either. I’d much rather AJ fight one of them now and they can do battle again in the future.

It wasn’t a great fight and to be honest the rematch will be exactly the same. Wilder will try to land a big shot and Fury will make him miss for most of the fight. And the truth is we all know Fury won that fight.


Fury’s fitness is mighty impressive. He’s gone up and down in weight and can feint, bounce and slip constantly all 12 rounds. Thought he looked tired in his corner early but he proved he’s in fantastic condition.


Fury has a knack for making me look like an idiot though. Every time I doubt the guy he pulls off a good performance.

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Preach it Teddy


By rights Fury should have the win but in a twisted way a draw kind of makes sense in that Fury won the boxing match where as Wilder won the fight, as in inflicted the most damage on his opponent. The judges were looking after the hometown fighter and maybe setting up a lucrative rematch.

I do think Fury should of stepped it up more because Wilder was there to be hit all night and when he gets hit he moves back and isn’t in a position to punch until he resets. Looked absolutely open for the left hook at times, which wasn’t been thrown.

Shades of the Lewis-Holyfield draw.


Adonis Stevenson is in critical condition apparently. That knockout was crazy. The Ukrainian stables have produced three seriously talented fighters in Usyk, Lomachenko and Gvozdyk.

And with regards to last night I think Lewis-Holyfield was a considerably worse decision because unfortunately you could make an argument for Wilder winning 4 rounds (2, 6, 9 and 12 off head) and if you’re generous, one of the swing rounds. So if there’s an argument (albeit not a convincing one for me) that’s Wilder won 5 rounds then with the two knockdowns the fight is a draw.

Lewis-Holyfield was just outright robbery where Lewis was so clearly the winner without ever really being in any trouble. That decision was up there with Whitaker-Chavez as one of the worst I’ve ever seen.



The sport is in such an absolute shite state lol, first one had it 115-111 Wilder I mean :rofl: I guess the boxers make bank either way but as a sport? Absolute joke. with @SRCJJ had it 9-3 Fury

Ok, found the scorecards, he gave the first 4 rounds to Wilder. How the fuck. oh well w/e.

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Ok that’s dodgy as fuck. Those were some of Wilder’s worst rounds.


So finally watched that fight back and I had it 115-111 to Fury.

The only rounds Wilder won with me were his knockdown ones and the 2nd.

There is always one moronic shit judge with an absolutely crazy scorecard, another shitty corrupt decision ruins it.

Fair play to Fury, he was brilliant defensively and fuck knows how he got up after that second knockdown.

But how shit was Wilder???

This is the guy Eddie Hearn/Anthony Joshua ran away from??? In a hometown fight???


@SRCJJ just seen that Adonis Stevenson KO, that was brutal he took a lot of punishment I hope he’s alright. What the fuck are they doing to these Ukrainians

Here it is for everyone else watch from about 44 mins in:


Canelo completely outclasses rocky fielding.


Joke fight that should never have been made. The WBA needs to sort out it’s ridiculous clutter of “world titles” because Canelo should not be recognised as a three weight world champion right now.

Hopefully he drops down to MW and fights either Jacobs, Charlo or GGG.

And if he’s staying at SMW fight the real champion in Smith.

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Yeah so what was this Fielding guy?

The WBA super champion, regular champion or the emeritus champion or something?


Was having a debate with someone who said Tyson was nothing more than a puncher so I had to show him a fight of 20 year old Tyson in the pomp of his career. He had the fastest hands, excellent punch power and had such a good variance of shots. He worked the body well, utilised his jab tremendously well, had unparalleled head movement and his foot work was vastly improving by this stage. Anybody who ever thinks Tyson was just a puncher with fast hands and good head movement needs to watch his body of work in 1986. Think he had something like 13 fights that year.

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As Unca Rodger states ‘most people don’t know shit about boxing’. Tyson had the best technique in HW history.

Tyson could only be effective at mid and short range because of height and reach. But all those fights he was winning, he was outboxing them before knocking them out.

The issue with Tyson was adapting in fights he was losing. That’s partly stamina, partly he was a front runner and partly with his mentality. He really should have become more of a bodypuncher as his career progressed. Then again he could of done without not being a drug and alcohol addict that didn’t train much too.