Boxing Thread


How the fuck did Wilder not finish him in the 12th. How fucking wank can you be to not finish that fight when your opponent looked that messed.


Because Wilder’s cardio is shit, and Fury recovers like a superhero.


Fury impressively finding his feet TWICE! Even came back and hit Wilder with some good combos. I mean, the way judges score these Fury should win, but Wilder has that power, seemingly his only two legit shots knocked Fury down :joy::joy: good fight tho.

Edit: watching that replay, how did he get up from that??


Wilder’s face when Fury got back up lol

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What a performance by Fury, the best he’s ever looked.

Wilder thought he’d pulled it out the bag there but looked like he had nothing left to put it on Fury.

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Have to give credit to Fury where it’s due.

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What a corrupt sport this is




Insaneeee. Those cards are cooked.

Fury won 9-3


Oh fuck off

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One of the refs had it 115-111 Wilder! :slight_smile:


Fury won more rounds but the optics definitely felt like Wilder was whooping more ass, if that makes sense lol.


It’s shit like that which makes people hate boxing.


The first GGG/Canelo fight was much worse than this. Canelo did nothing all night and they awarded him a draw. At least Wilder knocked the guy down a couple times.


Fury in that last round



Wilder was a swinging mess most of the fight. Very low number of connections. He’s fortunate to get a draw.

Fury looked really good from start to finish. What a hero to get back up from those two knockdowns.

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That’s why I love it when it’s a cold hard knockout, to many question marks over points decisions.


Fury… :rooster:



I can’t see an argument to give Wilder more than 4 rounds.


That’s kinda what Wilder does, he hasn’t fought anyone that could get up from those moments tho until now.


Great fight.

Fury rightfully calls AJ a chicken