Boxing Thread


The other option people forget about is to sleep at normal time (or earlier if you’re careful) and just wake up before the fights you’re looking to watch.

I’ve hosted quite a lot of get togethers at mine for UFC and boxing events and the pattern that’s worked for us is basically chill in the evening then kip from around 12/1 till the co-main. That’s a calm 3 hours nap.

It doesn’t slaughter the work week if you get some sleep in there. Just the event being live adds a lot to the night.


True, I’ve done that before too. But you run the risk of sleeping through the it and I need my 8 hours man


Sounds like you’re literally inviting your boys over for a pre-teen sleepover.

Get a gram in and get on with it.


The sad irony is that I’ve suddenly woken up, wide awake at 4.30am/5am 24 hours before the fight. Why couldn’t this happen tomorrow morning FFS?! I’d have the energy to stream the fight :sob:

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Lol you can’t consistently sell staying up till 5 before a work week though. Didn’t matter during Uni but now it’s just a totally different ball game these last few years.


What time is “kick-off” so to speak?

Could it be as late as 6am?


I generally say wake up around 4 or 4:30 personally


Damn you. Lol


Alarm set for 4:10am. Don’t get too drunk tonight and I want the winner to fight Joshua. No excuses from AJ and Hearn. Might want to check out All Access Daily Wilder vs Fury Part 4. Warning BAD BAD language from Fury.


Thoughts so far? I’ve got it 2 - 1 in favor of Fury so far. He’s confident with his defense but he better not get tired cuz you can’t fuck with Wilder’s power.


Fury is having very few problems right now. He’s done an excellent job so far to be honest. I’m not surprised he’s outboxing Wilder but I’m surprised that Fury looks the more likely to stop him.


Wilder is so one dimensional.

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Wilder can’t touch Fury, I wasn’t aware he was such a good defensive fighter. 5 - 2 for Fury at this point. 7th round he started taking it to Wilder as well.


Wilder telegraphs his punches so much that Fury literally ducks and then leans back.

I wanted the Wilder-AJ fight but it is what it is. They’ll still fight it just won’t be as big haha


Down goes Fury… don’t think Wilder has the energy to stop him


Fury actually cracks me up with his antics. This is great lol


Was inevitable that Wilder would land something eventually, but Fury came back with a good round in the 10th. 7 - 3 Fury right now.


8-3 Fury for me right now.

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Bit of a masterclass by Fury lol

and then…

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