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In theory 2 big punchers with leaky defenses should make for an exciting fight but I don’t see it as more significant. For one thing Fury is right he’s the real champ, the other 2 just have belts. In reality Fury is more proven at this point than Wilder. Wilder is a force of nature but sloppy. Still as athletic and powerful as he is, he might get away with it. I suppose Fury has been innactive and hasn’t fought anyone real since he shutout Wlad but shutting out Wlad is very impressive, for me more impressive than AJs win.

I’d be happy with any of the big 3 fighting each other and it’s something that doesn’t happen as much as it should. AJ should of fought Wilder and I’m unsure why he pulled out. But it’s common throughout history. We had a period where the Klits were 1 and 2 and easily beating everyone. Before that everyone wanted a Lennox-Vitali rematch.

The Lewis-Tyson fight was huge because of Tyson being the cash cow but really should have happened in '96 when Lewis was paid step aside money and Tyson’s management thought Holyfield was washed up and the easier fight. We know Holyfield took HGH now and Tyson said his biggest career regret was not taking HGH. HGH wouldn’t have given Tyson more stamina or taken away Holyfield’s timing and counter punching, which is the real reasons Tyson lost as much as blamed the headbutts.

Lenny was royally screwed in the 90s though. Bowe ducked him, then Holyfield might have fought him but lost the decision against Moorer. Then Foreman called him the best in boxing but didn’t fight him. Then he gets Briggs who was the man who beat the man but no one really cared about that fight. Then he eventually gets Holyfield and all the Americans cry Holyfield was old.

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Dunno if I consider Fury a big puncher tbh


Fury hits hard. He’s just slow.


Not talking about Fury there, he isn’t a big puncher, talking about AJ and Wilder


I personally rank Lewis in the top 3 heavyweights of all time on a head to head basis and I think he’s criminally underrated when people compile lists of greatest heavyweights. I honestly think had he not been knocked out by Rahman he’d be firmly established in the top 3. He got careless, didn’t train properly and paid the price against a fighter who had no business knocking him out and that gives his detractors plenty of ammunition to discredit him when you argue about his standing among the pantheon of heavyweight greats.

But I think Lewis gives any heavyweight in history problems and it’s criminal how badly he was avoided by the top fighters in the 90s. I favour him over prime Tyson and think he always beats Holyfield. I think the Bowe fight is the toughest one for him but even then Bowe was such a monumental waste of talent you never know how he’d have prepared himself. He just didn’t like a challenge outside of the Holyfield fights.


Prime Tyson was my favourite Boxer to watch, the way he just destroyed people in that period was amazing to watch.


Most under rated fighter of them all was Larry Holmes. Champ after a golden era of heavyweights but never the less deserves so many more accolades than he gets.
Prime Holmes gives Tyson the fight of his life imo.


Holmes didn’t have the charisma, the style or the opposition to truly garner appreciation during his day. He said a lot of stupid things too which hurt his public image. And he just happens to be sandwiched arguably the two most recognisable names in the sports history which obviously harms him.

But he’s an all time great and a top 10 heavyweight ever. No doubt about it. The Norton fight was a great fight.

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Beating Ali in that horrible day in boxing history harmed a lot of his reputation too through no fault of his own. Saddest fight ever made that.
Angelo Dundee lost my respect that day for putting Ali in their.


PPV ordered for this, shame it’s at 4am!
Backing WIlder regardless of the fact that he might get outboxed all night. Right-hand is a massive leveller and I can’t see Fury avoiding it for 12 rounds.

Still remember him punching Ortiz on the top of the head and rocking him in Rd 5 of his last fight, so it’s obvious he can hurt you anywhere with it.

Weirdly enough, I expect Fury to have his moments early on prior to Wilder timing / catching him.

Shame about the undercard, but if they’re paying both fighters 10m on the purse, then it explains a lot. @SRCJJ remember when people thought LSC, Abner Mares and Gervonta would be on this card? LOL

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They sold fans a serious dreams with this card. But the main event is a massive heavyweight fight so I guess that is the promoters equaliser in this one.

I think Wilder will win but as the fight edges closer you start to doubt yourself and sometimes I think Fury might just do it.

Who you got if AJ fights Wilder?


Yeah can’t complain too much, hope it’s not a 1 rounder.

I’ve got AJ against Wilder, solid fundamentals on AJs side with a similar capacity to tuck Wilder away.

Maybe 55:45 in AJs favour, purely down to his better fundamentals.

That being said, AJ’s definitely chinny, so if Wilder lands flush ala Wlad it’s lights out and I think Wilder would definitely finish him off better than Wlad attempted to.

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Be incredible if Fury evades the straight for longer than eight rounds. Ain’t a man alive that can eat that shot on the full. Wilder too sharp in and out the pocket. Too athletic to not keep up with Tyson’s footwork. Too quick and explosive for Fury to keep pivoting away from the 1-2 all night. Energy and fitness is only going one way as well.

Wilder showed in previous fights, especially the Ortiz fight, that he’s patient enough to capitalise once he sees the moment. Showed great heart and durability in that 7th round also. Even if Fury wins the first 3/4 rounds he’s still on a knife edge.

Fury’s movement and inside work (particularly the hooks to the body) have to be nigh on perfect all night. He’s the most skilled opponent Wilder will ever fight and Wilder will still catch him.

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Ortiz has more skill than Fury I can promise you that. He’s an old man who didn’t have the legs to finish off Wilder anymore but he’s as skilled as it gets in this heavyweight division.


Wilder is an athlete, that’s it. I’ve seen so many videos of this guy displaying utterly embarrassing footwork and technique, to the extent that I’m actually cringing.

If he catches Fury with a sweet one, he could clean him out. But if not…

Its all about opinions, until the results are in that is, but I strongly feel like Fury is gonna win this one.

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Remember lads, if you don’t want to stay up, allthebestfights will have the full fight video for you when you wake up in the morning.

I’m not going to stay up for it tbh

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Website. Just Google it and will be the first result.

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