Boxing Thread

Brother could be on his death bed and I’d still shite it off him

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That’s a very old Tyson and there’s shedloads of easy countering opportunites in that. Unless he can keep making someone miss, which against a decent opponent he can’t at his age, those short punches aren’t hard to pick off and beat to the punch at all

Obviously any ex pro boxer takes out Jo Bloggs any day of the week though, especially Mike Tyson

Crolla getting the decision over Urquiaga :joy::see_no_evil: :flushed:

Did anyone watch this?

A few people on the TL were talking about it, sounded mental.

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Was apparently an incredible fight. I’ll catch it tonight


Anyone also watch KSI Logan Paul lol



NEVER blink in a Wilder fight

Ortiz ease up for one second and gets knocked out after easily controlling the fight.

Wilder is such a shit boxer, but when you have that kind of power in your hands you don’t need to be that good :smiley:


Somehow always destined to be a rerun of the first bout.

Ortiz was up on points then too. Wilder brings excitement and unpredictability but his win streak is not as impressive as other boxers with similar numbers who can actually box

I’m actually really frustrated Wilder won in that manner. I hate seeing the skilled boxer losing to the puncher

I wonder if the left hook a few seconds before the right hand dazed Ortiz because it didn’t look like a great punch. Maybe the first fight made him more susceptable to being knocked out

Will the AJ fight be at a very nice hour in England, given that he’s fighting in Saudi Arabia?


So Andy Ruiz is seemingly 20 stones. Might change my pick to AJ on points

I have AJ inside three rounds. Ruiz’ only chance is to catch AJ with another temple shot.

No way is AJ winning within 3. AJ needs to limit exchanges and jab and grab to victory and I think he’s come in light to try and do that.

Has anyone got a stream?

Tried buying it on Sky but their service is fucked and no one can get on

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