Boxing Thread

If I’m Fury I’m fighting bums and raking in the cash. It’s the most sensible thing a heavyweight boxer can do. Even if it does diminish the sport somewhat.


In terms of quality names a younger Wlad, Wilder and a younger Chisora x2 is probably better than AJs albiet over a longer timespan

It is really especially if you factor in the time he had out the ring for the ban cash wise.
It happens a lot in this game. This was done forever with Bruno back in the day.

Chisora has literally always been an average fighter and the Wlad that fight AJ was the most aggressive Wlad we’d seen in years and one of his better fighters for a long time.

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It was probably Wlad’s most exciting back and forth fight. But there’s something in boxing called ‘losing a step’, and Wlad had lost a step and some of his stamina aged 40, was it? Wlad at his best has some of the best stamina in HW history and when he was mobile he was outboxing AJ, when he became slower and flatfooted he started getting caught and had to match fire with fire. Fury’s strength is his defense, while AJs is his offensive arsenal, so it was always going to be very different contests

Chisora still deserved the decision over Whyte, who’s possibly AJs second best win and Takam. Chisora also gave Vitali a good contest years back. Never a great but how many wins does AJ have who are better?

Either way it’s a shame AJ is wasting his prime not making the biggest fights in the sport

I mean yeah. To be fair and in my opinion the Klitschkos (especially Vitali) go down as the most underappreciated ever.

I just still don’t see how AJ has a worser catalogue of names than those guys. I don’t think AJ is completely to blame for these fights not happening. More so that his promoter is a greedy fat kid who doesn’t like sharing his crumbs.

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It could be Hearn’s scared of losing his gravy train. The reffing in the Parker fight clearly stopped Parker from fighting inside and I can’t believe that’s anything other than promoter instruction.

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Porter and Spence tonight.

On paper this is Spence for sure. But I think Porter’s inside pressure will make it an interesting opening 6 rounds or so.

Was a great fight, but Spence always looked likely after the knockdown.

Who’s excited for Spence Jr vs Crawford?

Best weight division in the sport right now imo


I was sure Crawford would win before the Porter fight and I’m even more sure now. I just think the variance in Crawford style and overall skill would overwhelm Spence.

Tyson Fury on WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw (Epic)

Praying that the champ is ok.


Hope he recovers, but my god what an absolute moron.


Brother could be on his death bed and I’d still shite it off him

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That’s a very old Tyson and there’s shedloads of easy countering opportunites in that. Unless he can keep making someone miss, which against a decent opponent he can’t at his age, those short punches aren’t hard to pick off and beat to the punch at all

Obviously any ex pro boxer takes out Jo Bloggs any day of the week though, especially Mike Tyson

Crolla getting the decision over Urquiaga :joy::see_no_evil: :flushed:

Did anyone watch this?

A few people on the TL were talking about it, sounded mental.

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Was apparently an incredible fight. I’ll catch it tonight


Anyone also watch KSI Logan Paul lol