Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (FA CUP 4th Round)

Monday 27 January
The Vitality Stadium
KO: 20:00 :clock8:
LIVE on BT Sport

Massive game. Hopefully Bournemouth don’t take it seriously as they are in the midst of a tough relegation battle and I really want to go far in this cup. We haven’t made it past January since winning it in 16/17.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw (Replay)
  • Bournemouth win

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Arsenal 3-1

They haven’t take football seriously all season, so I doubt they’ll start now.

Easy win. 0-4.

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Howe never takes the cup serious but we should have to much to slip up. 3 0 win for the record holders.

Hope we add another one onto the record come May.

This is probably my favourite cup to win after the PL / CL

Not many left after them.:hugs:


I’d definitely rather win the EL this season given a choice.

Here’s a question;

If we finish 12th but win both the FA Cup and the EL, is it a successful season?


Although a true test of how good you’re is the league, I’d still say 2 trophies is a successful season.

I wouldn’t mind that. If Arteta starts resting playing in the PL and goes all out for the EL I wouldn’t complain, just don’t want to be in the shitty Europa League again.


Would you rather EL or no European football ? The EL shits me also at times, but no European football would just send us further down the revenue table which is no good under a self sustainable model.

No EL could help us to have a season like Leicester are enjoying this term

Every single PL game would be given the due care and attention it deserves from the manager and the players

Yeah winning two trophies. One being our first European trophy in decades and back in the CL.

We wouldn’t win the league like Leicester, the only guarantee it’ll bring is less revenue and a likely less transfer and wage budget.

It would only be for one season though. Yeah we wouldn’t win the league. But I hope it’d help us a little. We’d be fresher for the top 4 race at least. And even if we somehow failed at that, it’s unlikely we’d miss out on the Europa League places as well.

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Wasn’t an easy 0-4 last time.

Arsenal will oblige yet again. Score draw at best

But…and it’s a big Beyonce but, you could argue that no team will have a freak season like Liverpool are having this season next season.

Leicester would be title contenders if this was a normal season. We’ve just got to hope for a little bit of normality next season and, if all we have to focus on is the league, you never know your luck, Oz.

The last 3 seasons the title winners have got 100 points, 98 points and this season will be 100 +.

I’m not really sure what defines a normal season anymore.

This is true as well.

Can’t argue with that.