Bournemouth - Arsenal (PL) 0-4



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Come on Starboy

Finally. Ref gets his shit together.

Nketiah getting us the pen! Never doubted my boy

Yeah, fuck you Aarons prick, I’ll take that over the yellow card


This Aarons guy is trash, remember when he had some hype behind him?

Yesss wrapped up

Didn’t need him for that. You won’t see a more clear penalty

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So Saka pen taker for Home games, Odegaard for away games?

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Nice pen

Right, 2-0 up. Let’s not rest on our laurels and go for a third please!

Odegaard sure can take a good pen :clap:

Never in doubt

Fucking awful challenge lol wasn’t really necessary at all


Damn loving this Spanish coverage. Can’t say it enough. So much more upbeat than the deadbeats here.

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Five minutes??

Cheers for that one Aarons, keep tackling as long as you want.

This ref is a fucking cheat

Gabriel, world class tackle

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Conveniently adding time while the ball is in play but at Rayas feet I guess