Boro Primorac

What is his role at Arsenal? We have about 3/4 guys working on the same issues and no one has a clue what to do.
I am afraid, but Wenger has really ruined us with his way of working.

Subtle GFI meltdown in progress. :smiley:


Have you ever watched our training pictures? Never seen so many people involved and one doesn’t know what he is doing.

Hes his body guard… On away trips abroad have often seen these 2 strolling around the town together…

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What can you tell from those pictures exactly? Precisely fuck all.

Not gonna lie, I had to google who he is.

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^^ Sub-standard Arsenal supporter, tsk


Boro is the assistant manager and probably works with the players more than Bould. I’ve ever seen him on training with the players…

Ok, i get it, but what he does to sort it out?

Recent pictures of him:

…and before to open another topic, this is Banfield:

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Yea, ikr.

Seen him plenty on the pictures but never could put a name to him. I should be ashamed of myself for never bothering looking it up.

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He answer the phone for wenger. When Wenger pretends hes out or somewhere else.


He seems to spend the majority of his time listening to Wenger’s ramblings.

But seriously, although I think this guy is the least of our problems on his own, as a group our coaching staff are all a bit stale. They’ve been there years. Fergie used to regularly change his assistant - and I think it definitely helped him and United. You get a fresh approach, something we’re in desperate need of.


Primorac and Banfield are first team coaches and they work on technique and offensive tactics, Payton is the GK coach, Colbert is the fitness coach, Forsythe works with Colbert and is specialized to help the players to recover the best form after an injury, O’ Driscoll is the doctor, Lewin JR is the head physio with a team composed by three men, Bould is the assistant manager and help the defenders.

not used to change, they accepted other offers like Maulesteen, Queiroz etc…

What i am trying to say is that we have many people in our staff, but no one doesn’t seem to know what our problems are.


The reasons are irrelevant really. The point is Fergie benefitted from having new personnel around.


You said: Fergie used to change staff and is false because he didn’t changed nothing because was intentioned to change, but changed because his assistents preferred to leave, like Jonker and Ljungberg last week with us.