Best Individual Season Performance

What’s the best individual performance you’ve seen from a player over the season in the premiership era?

I will give some examples from the top of my head

Torres 07-08
Ronaldo 07-08
Suarez 13-14
Henry in probably a few different seasons
Van Persie 11-12
Kane in the season he got top scorer and assist

Most likely so many more as well, what’s your pick?


Henry 2002-03, 03-04 or Ronaldo in 2008. I’d probably put Suarez in 2013 just a little below those two but in a better team he has the potential tial to reach that level imo

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Suarez scored some nice goals against Norwich in that season

Cesc in 09/10 was so fucking sexy.

As much as I hated Liverpool I loved how Torres played man. They’re my don’t pick the obvious ( Henry’s and Ronaldo etc)

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he dominated Vidic and made him look like Ben White

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Good question

A couple of Henry’s

Ronaldo 07/08

Suarez 13/14

RVP 11/12

Those are the ones that spring straight to mind.

Salah’s 16/17 belongs in the conversation too. 32 goals and only one of them a penalty, plus 10 assists. Insane production, especially for a player just entering the league.


Ah yeah forgot about that one.

What about any of the stellar seasons from midfielders ?

Pires 01/02

Lampard at times ?

Cesc 09-10 ( probably injured too much)

Yaya Toure 13/14

Yossi Benayoun in his loan season with us?

KDB with tons of assists, not sure what his best year was though

As much I want to rate Suarez for single handedly taking Liverpool to title chase or Persie for being a single man PL team or Henry,
Ronaldo with 42 goals, 8 assists, a goal in CL final really takes it. He performed and won the crucial titles to go with it.
Apart from penalty shootout miss in CL final, Ronaldo didn’t do a thing wrong that season.

Side note
If Ronaldo didn’t have the season he had, We would have had less pressure on us and could have won the title.

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It’s close between Suarez 2014 and Henry 2003 (2004 or 06 weren’t far behind too).
Ronaldo in 2008 just didn’t have that overall impact on United’s game these two guys had.
Suarez was Liverpools main creator throughout that sason, droppind deep, right wing, left wing, initiating moves, combos… Similar with Henry. For me Suarez outperformed Messi and Ronaldo that season comparing only their league perfomances at that time. Played like possessed that year.

Bale also deserves a mention. Almost untouchable in his last season for Spurs (not counting the comeback). A true force at that time, a shame we never got to see him playing for a better PL team at that time.


Of course it is King Henry!
He did in every aspects, e.g. scoring, assisting, leadership, motivation, fighting…

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I’m absolutely not saying this was the best but Kevin Philips scoring 30 (Sunderland got 57 total) in a season is worth a mention here. He was amazing that season.


Gerrard in the season they won the CL was unbelievable and, like Henry, he had it all.
They were both winners that could score, assist and both led by example.
Suarez was great and more recently, Salah and KDB have consistently been the best players.
Lampard also had several great seasons and so did Drogba.

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Zola season he won the FWA. One of the first elites of the PL era for me.


Messi 2011/12 - 73 goals, 50 in LaLiga. Even though Barcelona missed out on the league and CL, those are crazy figures.

Edit: just realised it’s Prem only. Meh, still worthy of a Messi appreciation post


Conundrum isn’t it?
If Ronaldo was not surrounded by quality players, we would have said the same thing about Ronaldo but at the same time his stats must have been augmented because of having quality players around him.

VVD in the season Liverpool won the league

Not the best but I’ll lowkey shout Carlos Tevez. Can’t stand the club but it was one of City’s first marquee signings that was successful. Robinho, Santa Cruz, Adebayor all didn’t cut it. But he did and dragged a sorry team into the CL to build a platform off of. Very symbolic signing that they was catching up to United.

Was great to watch when he was motivated. Sadly he wasn’t always so isn’t remembered so well these days.