Bernd Leno (19)


It’s not just based on our own viewings though. I’ve watched him numerous times, plus read reports from others/Bundesliga experts etc, who have watched him more than I have and who have been even harsher on him than i have!

I said before that i’m probably being overly critical of him. But i’m judging him on the standard I think our signings should be at. I just think there are plenty of other options out there who are better than him, and also obtainable.

Like I said, a change in environment might be just the medicine and i fully hope that turns out to be the case.


I’m in complete agreement that neither represent great business. I think there are better keepers available for what we’re supposedly spending on Leno (Perin for example) and we even got considerably less for Woj who is a better keeper.

And Sokratis is just an all round poor signing.


Why emphasize this? Torreira and Aubameyang aren’t clearly Sven signings?


If it turn out shite we can always offload him to West ham. He is only 26 years old which is still young for a keeper. Maybe he just needs a new setting, new country, new environment to play in. He has played in leverKUSSEN what 7 years now?


Another reason which doesn’t speak to his benefit since keepers of his generation moved to bigger clubs earlier and he remained at Leverkusen :wink:.


Ter stegen and whoelse?


Trapp, Karius, Ter Stegen


True they are probably going OTT but there are genuine reasons to be concerned.

He was hugely rated at around age 21 but hasn’t quite progressed like many would hoped and ter Stegen has overtaken him.

Looks like this is a done deal now but he should at least be an upgrade on Cech and let’s hope he can improve and fulfill every bit of that early promise, it’ll help tremendously that he won’t be playing under Wenger that’s for sure.


Not the top quality GK I was hoping for this summer tbh…maybe he will fail the medical?


Indeed. Think this was his first bad season. It can happen.


Oblak, Ederson sort of. Dortmund got Burki (still bigger than Leverkusen).


Because Sven is head of recruitment and it’s clear he would have the best insight at the club into the quality of both Leno and Sokratis. Both deals look like the most suspect business we’ve done this summer so far. It’s obvious Sven is behind the moves and would decide how much we paid for them considering the new structure.

With Aubameyang, we had interest in the summer of 2017. Torreira is a player I feel Emery strongly requested, I have no evidence for that


Has anyone watched 10+ leverKUSSEN games this season or are you just riding the bandwagon. 1st choice GK for a top 4 bundes team and many years as a mainstay at national level, cant be that bad tbh.


That’s being incredibly generous


But Aubemayang came here when Mislintat was actually at the club. Is it more likely a scout knows a player like Torreira, whose business is to look for players and scan throughout the world for players, rather than a coach who has to deal with the day-to-day business of his own stuff at PSG? It seems like you’re looking for sticks to hit Mislintat with. Obviously he is going to do bad business.


You surely mean from time to time right?? :sweat_smile:


That wouldn’t make him a Sven signing in my book. He may have accelerated the process but Auba was a known quantity to us and have actively chased before Sven arrived and before the guy who had final say on transfers left.

Torreira is a player who fits Emery’s CM profile exactly. I feel he was a signing where Emery had significant input compared to Sokratis who we were being linked with before the manager was even announced. It’s not inconceivable Emery had discussions with PSG staff in finding a suitable Motta replacement

The point is with Leno and Sokratis I get the sense Sven use his own initiative with these deals because of his knowledge of both players. He would have the best sense of their value which I feel he has overpriced particularly for Papa.

Mislintat is not immune to criticism, he occupies a very important position which comes with high standards. I’m glad the holes have been identified but that was the bare minimum you could ask of any club.

He needs to prove himself imo and doing bad business that could be avoided or ignoring are smarter solutions in your first summer is not the way to go about that. I’m actually not asking for a Dembele every window just smart frugal business

It all depends on the performance level of the players, I prefer to judge summer windows in May


Its hard not to be better then Cech. So there is that I guess.


Think he was rated as the 10th best keeper in the Bundesliga, so yeah I’m not to excited my his impeding signature.


Hard to give Mislintat shit for these signings when a.) we haven’t signed them yet and b.) they haven’t even played for us yet.