Bernd Leno (19)


looks like for a change we are not fucking about, we are getting shit done.




I’ve always felt kinda bad for the poor souls who seem to enjoy them.


Because when he talks about something you can then believe the shit that’s come out about that deal before!!!

How many times do we have to explain @Calum !!!


Sadly a blind DM would be an upgrade :xhaka:


Leno has always been quite good. A bad season like last one can happen to everyone.


Why is anyone remotely happy about this? He’s shit


On reddit, 50% say he’s great and 50% say he’s overrated and so I’m 100% sure I don’t know what to think



Thought you didn’t watch other teams haha


I’ve never seen him play. Or when I happened to watch Leverkusen never really focused on Leno. But @Phoebica is very convincing in stating the shitness of Leno. Btw, what to think of the fact that he is kept away from the squad for the reservekeeper of PSG?


I’m mainly going on the last 18 months or so. Sure you’ll find YouTube videos showing him making some good saves – but anyone can look good on a YouTube comp. I’m probably being overly critical, I suppose he is a decent enough shot stopper – but in general, I just don’t trust him – whenever I watch him he doesn’t look comfortable or in control.

I know he was rated years ago though, so I’m hoping he’s just at the wrong club or something and a change in environment and coaching will help him push on – it could happen. But yeah, I’m not seeing it as an upgrade at the moment.


That’s fair, but better informed people than me seem quite convinced he’s iffy, the reading and viewing seems to support that.

Genuinely, what are people excited about?


i see, yeah, agreed.

but i guess have to put a brave face and trust sven as well i guess


Didn’t Sven sign Dortmund’s terrible keeper?


Somebody did. But Burki is awful agreed.



:giroud: :santi: :bellerin:


If he’s really as bad as some posters here would have you believe, that’s some pretty gross incompetence by the much vaunted Sven.

Alternatively, there’s a bit of a Chinese whispers style move gathering pace with posters tripping over themselves to bury his Arsenal career before it’s started.

There’s a decent chance he’ll be a good keeper for us and a more than decent chance he’ll be better than Cech has been in recent seasons


I think if you add the fees of every keeper we’ve signed ever it wouldn’t be far off what we’re supposedly spending on this guy. He surely can’t be absolute trash as some are suggesting.


I definitely think people are going overboard.

I have a hard time believing that that many people on OA watch Bayer Leverkusen that much :laughing:


Let’s wait and see how he plays.

I’ll just say i’m not completely convinced we did great business in Leno and Papa, the two clearly Sven signings. I think we overpaid considering the market and other players