Bernd Leno (19)


Weird how every detailed rumour is coming out of Italy at the moment. The English press just seem to pick up and regurgitate it a week later.



Oh yay. So glad we’re signing a goalkeeper who lacks presence and concentration. That’s one box ticked. Hopefully we’ll sign a blind DM next.


we also have a competent gk coach now too, he is actually quite a good gk which has not been at his best for a season or so. Before that though most people would be wanting him for sure. The gk coach we have now helped the PSG gk to be even better and Areola was singing his praises, he cant be as bad as cech so its worth a shot.


Quite excited with this signing.


Why the fuck did we give Cech the no.1 if we’re spending this much money on a keeper coming into his prime who will clearly be a starter. Do the people at Arsenal just love driving people up the wall with OCD fuckery.


I bet Leno wants the legendary #33 :grimacing:


Only to find we keep cech and he is no.1 and sell ospina and Leno is 2nd choice :arteta:


We probably have a number request waiting list, that’s the only way I can explain Gallas.


We got him!


I think he’ll be a smashing signing


Fuck it me too.

Based on literally nothing apart from a picture of his face.


Torreira not done at all, lads.




Not done? Fuck off David! :hipster:


Pretty much is done (as far as we are concerned in terms of agreement etc and not the red tape/paperwork), but I guess thats the official club line.


This is gospel, not worried about the club line


SCREAMING :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


According to Pedullà it will be 22 plus bonus! That’s a fucking lot.


Am I the only one who is bored of the Ornstein memes?

And why does he get praised so much for telling us something we already know? TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW, DAVID!