Bernd Leno (19)



Yeah, it’s good that we’re signing a keeper who can’t get into the Germany squad over Kevin Trapp - a man who has made just 4 appearances for his club this season…

Not that I begrudge Kevin Trapp though. The man is fit! (I know you love my hot guy pictures, Luca :wink: )



I read somewhere that Trapp got in ahead of Leno because Ter Stegen and Leno hate each other.

In any case, €22m is about £17m.

I don’t mind spending that on giving Leno a punt. Maybe a change of pace is what he needs.


The backlash from Arsenal fans towards Leno is really strange and difficult to understand. When it comes to goalkeepers it’s hard to really evaluate them unless you are watching them week in week out for your club. It’s an area where stats don’t seem to do any justice to a player and certainly paint a myopic profile.

What I find most ironic is that many Arsenal fans who slate Leno seem to believe that Szczesny would be our answer, which - having watched him week in, week out for my club- I find hilarious.


Are you sure? Isn’t the exchange rate something like €1 = ~.88. That would be closer to 20 million.


Yeah it’s actually £19m.

Whatever, I’d still do it.


I’m all for being optimistic but Leno seems to be the same keeper he was in his early 20’s, doesn’t seem to have ironed out mistakes and lapses in concentration, he also doesn’t have the consistency you would expect for a keeper of his experience.

Maybe he comes here and it all clicks into place and he becomes the keeper we’ve been waiting for but lets be real it’s quite unlikely.

Seems some people are getting happy at a new signing but they’ll be the first ones calling him shit should be exactly what he’s been like at Leverkusen in recent years.


I get the feeling that Sven knows our roster is a complete mess. So he’s using his network to get us some decent upgrades for the time being to give Emery something to work with. I think unearthing those gems like Dembele is a secondary priority atm because he’s got to do a shit ton of work just to get us back to challenge for top 4 again.


Our new GK coaching team will sort him out!



Typical of you :facepalm:


Hasn’t Javi Garcia coached ‘being an absolute tit’ out of Areola?

I really know nothing about Leno either way to make any judgement so far although I’m hoping he dethrones Cech immediately.


Mavropanos and Torreira? Both are u-23. Adli Arsenal were talking with too before he made the u-turn. Mislintat/Arsenal are actually looking at prospects. I’m not sure Lichtsteiner and Sokratis are upgrades they fill holes but to call them upgrades seems like a bit much.


Torreira is young but he’s a starting xi player, hopefully putting Xhaka to the bench or maybe we can sell him. Don’t see how Socratis could be shittier than Mustafi. So two upgrades immediately to the starting XI. Leno I’m sure he feels the same about. Looks to me like he’s targeting the weaker areas of our squad. Adli is a guy on a free is he not?


Adli is not coming anymore. Dembele was a starting player to for Rennes and then immediately with Dortmund. What do you mean with ‘unearthing those gems’ than? I’m not sure Mustafi is out of the team if he isn’t sold. Lichtsteiner and Sokratis imo much more fill holes, since we have no back up right back and Koscielny is out until november, than that they are targeted as improvements/upgrades.


This is right.
Emery and Sven have identified the weak areas of the squad and sorted some of them out.
Wenger would still be dithering over where he was going on holiday.


Haha, love this weird chatter


Destined to wear the shirt? Lol



Always missing few small details :mustafi: