Bernd Leno (19)


You can coach away his mistakes regarding decisionmaking. What you cant coach is superhuman reflexes which he has shown plenty of this season.

He will come good, no doubt about that. Feels much more calm with Leno in goal than Petr or LOLspina.


Very well said.

His mistakes/weaknesses can be coached and improved.


Who would you cast for the Mod father.:sunglasses:


This is what I want to believe.


Yeah for sure.

I hope to God he comes good because we can’t go out and spunk £80mil on Oblak and the like.


I know our defenders were at their worst today for much of the goals, but I think we should consider giving Cech a run back in the team now. Leno has his moments but he hasn’t really felt like a signing you can really rely on. Wouldn’t hurt to stick back in someone more experienced to ride out this current poor form at the back for the next few games.


Leno will just be another guy everyone will want gone in 2 seasons.


Take your point @Mysty but he was the keeper in last seasons shit second half the season.


I’d even consider giving Deyan bloody Iliev a go!


I have no confidence in him at all in every game he plays for us. Wonder how our defence feels?


£19m ffs what a terrible deal


Same said to Leno…
Wonder how he feels to play behind our shit defense…


He’s an awful goalkeeper. Our Karius. Wish we just kept Ospina ffs


I don’t agree… But anyway… Doest matter… :slight_smile:


Fuck off, no you don’t. You basically hated him and he is not a better keeper than Leno. The idea of Ospina doing the play from the back thing :joy:


Don’t think I ever hated Ospina did I? Always thought he did a decent job when he played for us


Leno = Shit, Cech = shit, Ospina = shit, no point discussing who’s better or worse out of the 3.


Shit, shitter, shittest…
There is difference


Better to keep shit instead of spending money on more shit haha


Yeah I’d rather we have kept the shit we had and the Sokratis money and put it all towards a proper CB.