Bernd Leno (19)


We signed a Karius for much more money :disappointed::disappointed:


Get Cech in for the next game, this guy has proven he isn’t good enough for a club with any ambition.


Yeah he’s just got absolutely no idea off crosses, you get what you pay for I supppse, Liverpool get Allison and we get Leno.


why the fuck is everyone on him yeah he has not been great today but at the same time look at our defense no goalkeeper is gonna look that great with this crap ahead of him. I feel we should give him time we have just bought the guy and will be working more and more with coaches as time goes on


It’s not just today though. He’s been dodgy for about two years!


He’s been shit every game. Was shit in Germany.

He’s shit


Remember how annoyed some fans were when we started the season with Cech? “Why are we not using Leno?”. :wenger:

Doesn’t seem to deal with crosses very well, at all.


Slowly getting that Arsenal GK virus.


he is a good shot stopper and sweeper good with his feet he needs work but i reckon there is a goalkeeper in there


lol as usual no one dares to blame Kos, who was out of position on every goal. No I’m not saying that Leno is good in any way, but let’s cut the crap. On the last goal Kos left Austin 5-6 yards! On the second he had no clue what went on behind him. On the first he tried to reach a header with his foot :man_facepalming:t3: But blaming the keeper is the easiest way I guess.


But I swear this is just what he’s like. I don’t think he’s suddenly turned shit since we bought him


I’ll blame Kos most at fault for the first 2 but not the 3rd, the 3rd Leno put himself and no mans land which meant as long as Austin got something on it, it was going to be only one outcome.


Exactly, sorry but Leno is basically put in a terrible position for that third goal. He doesn’t do well but c’mon, look at all of the things that go wrong before him and the cross was extremely dangerous.


Yeah Leno did a missjudgement, but if Kos would have had any idea where Austin was he wouldn’t have had to come out. So easy and basic defending. Even if he’s been out for a long time it’s very alarming.


Feel bad for all the people who shat on Woj


This. I’ve seen Seaman do exactly the same thing for us but he’s not been slaughtered to this extent.

(See Zola’s equaliser against us in the 2-3 game in Sept 97)


Yeah honestly I’m surprised that people are blaming Leno and ignoring everything else that happens before

Kos was shocking


Don’t think he has been that bad imo. He has been a breath of fresh air for me. Anw, terrible misjudgment in the third goal. I blame none for their first two goals. Everything about those goals was near perfect. Timing, delivery, execution, etc.


In two or three games everyone will be on his nuts again.


He’s made a mistake in every game near enough.

Only the Wolves game where he was good