Bernd Leno (19)


His positioning is dire as was his decision making there. Think there’s no excuses on that one - it’s a mistake and he made two in a big game. Not convinced at all


Yep i’m not convinced either. Even if you attempt to defend his positioning and clearance for the goal, that wasn’t the only mistake he made during the game. The one where he was in no man’s land as VVD hit the post comes to mind.

Sure he made a couple of good saves and obviously he is better with his feet than Cech, but I haven’t seen anywhere near enough to suggest he should be undisputed no1.


I think Mkhi did himself a disservice by getting a head to that ball. Had he not, foul by the 'keeper with a girl’s name and penalty to us. Potentially a different game


I definitely did personally notice that but it’s a bullshit claim cos it’s not like he aimed the deflection to Kola.

His punched clearances are done brainlessly and this was no different.


It’s hard to defend him here. Looks like it’s an attempted catch which he fumbles. And if it was a genuine attempt at punching, then it was piss poor. With that sort of pace on the ball, a good punch would have sent that miles away from danger.

Instead, he cocks it up and the ball ends up ricocheting off our own defender and lands basically on the penalty spot. Even without the ricochet, the ball would have fell in the penalty area which is terrible as well.

Saying all of that, I still think he’s been good since coming into the team. The physicality of the PL and the reduced protection that goalkeepers does take some getting used to.

I expect he will stop those awful dashes into a crowd of players on set pieces, as he realises that the opposing team will give him no ground to jump and he’ll be twatted around.

His shot stopping and distribution have definitely been above average, I like what I see. If you look down the other end at supposedly one of the best keepers in the world, he dropped a clanger of his own that might have been a goal (not forgetting that awful mistake he made a few weeks ago by trying to Cruyff turn against an opponent which led to a goal).


Very strong response mentally with that save after cocking up though. Need player like this.


Shit at crossings, that can be worked on by the coaching team so not overly worrying.
Not sure he merits to keep the starting spot over Cech thought.


I’m torn. Cech is clearly the better keeper at present, but his weakness with the ball at his feet is likely to really punish us eventually. At this stage I’d take Leno poor crossing ability over Cech passing the ball out to to the wrong player or losing the ball in the way he did vs. Blackpool.


I think the coming out against crosses etc is probably easier to coach than shot-stopping and playing out from the back so there is hope he improves.

I do think I was actually a bit harsh on him for the goal after seeing it properly (I actually missed both goals because of virgin).

But I guess he should have tried to punch it properly away instead of catching it, it was a tough ball.

The VVD thing though, that was insanity. I don’t know wtf he was thinking :arteta:

That was unacceptable


What was the virgins name. If your going to miss a goal thats a good reason I suppose. Although Laccas was a moment to see in real time.


Ma boi @Electrifying destroying virgins left and right. He aint got time for Leno fuck ups.


Saved us today. Some excellent saves


Thanks god we had today. Top performance!


Incredible lol, Adama really should have scored.


Taken his chance really well


Absolutely no debate MOTM. Epic DDG-esque performance.


So we’re high on Leno again? :xhaka2:


this is football tbh haha cost us the game last week. saved us from a loss this week :joy:


Yeah made a couple of really good stops that saved our defences sorry Arse.


Arsenal player’s ratings and reports… just like stock market… ups and downs