Bernd Leno (19)


How many times are you gonna say “beautiful Kevin Trapp”? :facepalm:


That’s what it says on his birth certificate. He likes people to use his full name.


Ok Jade, Giroud is not gonna be happy.


Says that on Kylie’s passport to…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s been great lately, just thought that had to be said. Having (out of desperation) emotionally invested in Bernd becoming absolutely great for us I’m kind of required to continually find good things about him to reinforce my new self-imposed world view :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and that save on the header by Maguire was amazing.



It’s a credit to him that there’s been no drop off from when Cech was in goal playing out of his skin and looking like the Cech of old. In fact he’s added even more confidence to the defence because he can play out from the back all day long, plus his distribution is class.

He seems to have settled in very well, the time on the bench looks to have served him well because he knows he has to boss it on a consistent basis as he has some genuine competition. Hopefully he improves further, his performances have been hugely promising.


He knows how to play with his feet better than Cech so he should keep his place, albeit Petr has been great for us this season.


I feel Leno has to keep his position in the EPL now and Cech has to drop down to the Europa league. It’s pretty harsh but I can’t see the point in delaying the inevitable now as Leno will probably replace Cech next year anyway in the league.

I’ve been really impressed with Leno even if it is a small sample size, he knows when to play short and when to kick long and his distribution to get an attack going is top notch - but we all knew this is what he was famed for in Germany. Many sources seemed to claim he had issues with his shot stopping which from what I can see is nothing but top notch so far.

I think he’s moved at the right time to really show what he can do.


He seems suspect at crossed, other than that I have no complaints.


This definitely seems like a weakness. He had some great moments against Leicester with shot stopping and distribution but he really misplayed that corner where they hit the bar.

I hope he plays for us in the league going forward though. We need to figure out whether he really is the keeper of the future and we aren’t going to now that until he’s had an extended run of Premier League matches.


So far, he’s proved it to be our #1.


He’s done well and made some really good stops in the games he’s played so far, has been caught in no mans land on crosses a few times it must be said, like the Ndidi header that struck the crossbar.


Shame his supreme penalty saving record didn’t transfer across to Arsenal today, but hey we are well used to penalties conceded just being automatic goals.


Fair do’s to the Palace player, those were both well struck pens.


Most teams are tbh. Thats why we all gripe about bad decisions when their not given.




For one mistake?


Playing devil’s advocate.
Had he not stretched to stop the cross, it would have been a goal anyway


Looking back on it, I think he was unfortunate in the goal we conceded.

The poor bastard had two options.

He sees Mane making the run by the far post, so when he sees that cross coming in from out wide he knows that if he leaves it there’s going to a Liverpool player waiting on the other end for what would more or less be a guaranteed goal.

So he can either leave it, knowing it’ll go straight to Mane who will have a fantastic opportunity to put in or he can go for it either trying to catch it or palm it away out to his defenders and midfielders and hope they deal with it.

Now I agree, he should have caught it but that ball had serious power and pace on it and it’s easier than done catching a ball like that out of the air.

We have the benefit of tv angles, so we might be able to see that Mane may not have been in the best position to receive the ball but in the heat of the moment and that split second where Leno is trying to keep track of all the players and make the decision all he’s thinking is that he’s seen Mane coming down towards the far post, sniffing for goal.

I really don’t it against him.

The VVD chance was by a bigger mistake and something they’ll need to train out of him.

But then look at Allison on Mkhitaryan as well, ducking hell lol


Watching this again. Wasn’t a mistake just unlucky