Bernd Leno (19)


Some great saves today. Looked good.


at save.


a great photograph from The Guardian’s match report:


After 483 posts of waiting with baited breath hes done OK.


I have to admit that save with the left hand was top drawer.


He did well coming into a hectic game. Cech’s hamstring injury will likely mean he’ll miss 3 weeks of football, Bernd has some time now to establish himself.


Solid yesterday and great distribution as well…Maybe he needs to be a bit more adventurous and come out for more crosses.


We will see the real him after a run of games.


You can see that his composure on the ball has a positive impact on the confidence of our team - we look far more comfortable playing it out from the back now. Not so panicky.

He has made some decent saves too in the few appearances he’s made. So far so good.


The big difference between Leno and Cech, when playing out from the back is that Leno doesn’t feel compelled to pass the ball to a team mate every single time. He picks and chooses his passes, and only makes a pass when the player receiving it can make a forward pass. If there are no options, he just hoofs it forward in the general direction of one of our forward players.

With Cech, you get the feeling, he just makes passes for the sake of making passes, and so you see a lot of side ways passes back and forth between him and the defenders, before he either makes a mistake or hoofs it forward as he is under pressure.


I like that he can use both feet too. Cech will always have to get it over to his left TREE leg before making a pass.

Looks a right bargain for 19m. Goes to show you dont need to hand out 70m for a more than decent goalie.


You analysed all that on back of 3 games?


Has he been called up for Germany?


Don’t be silly. They’ve got Neuer, Ter Stegen and the beautiful Kevin Trapp


We need a larger sample before statements like this


He’ll get called up after we win the league this season :henry2:


Actually, 1 game :slight_smile:

I don’t think he made any stand out passes in the game (not any I remember at least) but he was very smart and safe with his passes, without making pointless sideways passes, and inviting pressure.


Always looking at the players in a certain way :xhaka:



Yeah because beautiful Kevin Trapp pulled out. I might volunteer to nurse him back to health, if he is indeed injured rather than “injured”

Serge Gnabry also got a late call up due to yet another injury. They’re running out of German footballers!