Bernd Leno (19)


This summer in particular has proved there is no such thing.


Well everyone seems to think we need a top class keeper, but they will cost serious fucking money. So i would say a talented keeper for £20m is a steal, you think if we waited on it we would find many decent keepers around for that much which aint over the hill utter shit…i think not!


Anyone can look good on YouTube. How many of his games have you watched? He is so prone to errors and it’s mighty clear that he is nowhere close to the top goalkeeper tier. Comparing him to DDG and Neuer is just LOL. If we had someone anywhere near that level, Petr Cech would be gone faster than a Big Mac in Gemma Collins’ hands!

Sure, he can improve – and I bloody hope he does! But we will still have the worst keeper in the top 6.


so why was he voted best keeper a couple of season back that is no accident. As i said something may have happened to his confidence which they may be working on but he is far from a shit keeper, no shit keeper makes saves that he has no fucking way these are facts not biased viewpoints.

If emery can make a mediocre keeper into a very good keeper with a bit of work i reckon they can iron out issues with Leno and make him a top keeper. I didnt say he is on the world class level and i said he needs work but everyone is acting like he was a throw away money sorta deal. Soon enough i am sure 20m on a keeper that is a bit raw but then turns top class would be a snip.

Oh yeah and before anyone mentions his age and says that he should be a top keeper now the age for keepers to turn a corner and start producing their best generally is older around 28-30.


Well I can’t predict what the market looks like but if he isn’t good enough to immediately replace Cech then we just should have signed someone who was. Simple as that.


but at what cost though, its obvious we wouldnt be spending £70m+ on a keeper and that is the sorta prices that these so called top keepers have gone for. What if we bought Alisson or Kepa etc at that price and things just dont work out and we are back to relying on cech and people are saying ‘he is not used to the league or its pace’ etc the fans would fucking freak out ‘£70m on a fucking keeper when we needed a winger and a defender etc and he cant even fucking play, if you spend £70m on a keeper he should be fucking world class and showing that straight away’


Then we’d try again.


Was he? Surely that’s always Neuer…

But even so, Karius was the “second best” keeper in the Bundesliga behind Neuer in 2016 and look how that turned out.

Look, I’m not saying Leno is awful and a few years ago he showed a lot of promise, but he has had an awful 18 months. If we can get him back to his former self we’ll have a decent goalkeeper but not a great one.


No fan would have moaned if we bought Kepa or Alisson


Yeah and 23 and 25, they would have been potential investments for upwards of 10 years. Dream would be Donnarumma =)

Still think Lafont would have been a perfect signing for the role Leno is now playing.


they would rapidly though if he didnt fulfil their expectations pretty damn quick though, and sometimes that doesnt happen sometimes a player looks damn good in one team and crap for the next some are total busts and its the ones you least expect that surprise us. I reckon Leno will be really good for us, might surprise a few, watch this space…if i am wrong i will gladly eat my words.


Problem is that AC Milan have just gone nutz with money sure as fuck with all the new stuff that is happening over there they would not let anyone touch him.


Yeah zero chance for us… if he leaves it will be to Real or Madrid or PSG or something like that probably.


This playing from the back GK thing is so overrated. All we really need is an above average shot stopper who is dependable.

I really hope we didn’t turn a blind eye to some promising keepers because they weren’t decent with their feet


Granit Xhaka was in the Bundesliga team of the year, by definition that apparently made him one of the best central midfielders in that season.


Kolasinac too. Maybe we should stop buy bundesliga fucks.


How about Ligue 1 Yaya Sanogo?? :joy:


I think we just have to let this play out.

For sure if we had signed Allison, he’d be starting.

But Chelsea are playing Kepa because their 2nd choice is Rob Green.

Maybe Cech is just the better keeper for now. I know, he has has been a meme since he came here and he has given me heart attacks with this playing out from the back, but he made some big saves vs City and we all know he was a world class keeper.

So maybe we have a bit of a ‘luxury’ in bedding Leno in , and it’s true that he isn’t ready right now, but soon will be…

Or he’s a flop. But can’t really know yet either way, just got to let it play out.


He is surely gonna play in the Europa League and the League Cup. Let’s just judge him here.


I’m not even sure if Green is their third choice, let along second. Bulka is better than him! :see_no_evil:

Caballero is their second choice, who isn’t much worse than Cech. And even if Chelsea still had Cech, Kepa would be starting – let’s not pretend otherwise.