Bernd Leno (19)


Life is one big joke


Shame Lafont doesn’t have a smidgen of German ancestry or at least played in the Bundesliga.


Mislintat went for Adli and got Guendouzi. This make no sense :wink:.


Or if we insisted on a Bundesliga goalkeeper, we could have gone after the guy Leverkusen replaced Leno with ON A FREE! Hrádecký is better than Leno.


You bloody pedant :laca:


Lichtsteiner (or does he have German ancestry?), Torreira :wink:.


How do you know it? :laca:


The Leno hate is getting ridiculous. Bloke havent even played a single game yet and apparently is at fault of everything bad going on in this world.


Who has actually blamed Leno for anything?


its more of everyone fucking moaning saying how poor he must be, without even knowing what plans are or giving him a chance. Who knows he might be a bit off at the moment but later on could be one of the best goalkeepers we have ever had. Everyone is putting their own ideas on how he is not good enough because he would be used right now if he was when no one knows for definite what reasons why he is not starting at the moment.


It is kind of sad we spent 20 million quid which was 40% of our summer budget on a keeper that is a back up to Petr Cech.


who said he was, people are going on that he is gonna be sat on his arse doing fuck all for the next couple of years. For all we know he could be our no.1 by Jan. Even if he isn’t he is bought to be our future no 1 so what the fuck does it matter. If we werent proactive people would be fucking moaning that Cech is no good Ospina doesnt wanna be here and Martinez aint good enough we knew that cech was coming to an end and there are no keepers good enough for us anymore.


If we didn’t need him to be no 1 this season we should have put the money towards signing a winger, signed a keeper when we felt we needed a no 1 to displace Cech.


Who has said this?

I don’t think anyone is disbuting that he will be our no1, probably this season.

Also, I have an idea of him not being good enough because i’ve watched him over the last year or so.


and then what happens when no one wants to sell a keeper. Out comes the fucking moaning.


For what it’s worth I think Cech needs to be replaced, I’m just amazed we were able to spend 20 million on a keeper not deemed good enough to surpass Cech instantly.


May have lost some confidence but he is more than good enough

any keeper that can do this plus save a good quantity of penalties etc is a good enough keeper

Before anyone says about blunders, what of Neuer, supposed to be the best keeper in the world what the fuck was he doing in the world cup, have you seen de geas howlers did you see some of edersons howlers in his first season. Leno seems to have enough about him to be a top keeper.


Rafa Hogtenstein said on totally football show podcast today that he is great with his feet but quite prone to errors


Is he injured or what?
Does he have problem understanding Unai’s strategies/gameplans and can’t communicate with the defenders??

What the fuck does that mean “he has to be patient”???

This guy is a starter, and we spent 20m on him.
Unless there is some serious problem, we should start him no matter what.

What if Cech is getting his form and till to a point that you can’t drop him, so Leno is used as a spare/Cup keeper???

Fuck it.

How come the team/manager can’t be more transparent??

So that means it is a shit transfer?
Sounds like Cech did not make shit errors also…

Players need game/minutes to gain confidence.
Putting him on the bench won’t help.


maybe that is why they are keeping him back a bit because they dont want his confidence smashed to pieces with fans getting even more on his back and they are working with him to knock out those errors and they are letting cech keep his spot for harmony as the team knows him and his communication and are gonna ease him in. Gotta remember it was Emery and his team that Areola credits for making him improve so much…so maybe they are working out his kinks for now.