Bernd Leno (19)


Wenger got a lot of blame for not being ruthless enough and we continue that trajectory by not starting Leno. Other than some sort of courtesy towards Cech, which is a poor reason anyway, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t start Leno. He is 26 with 300 games played.


You must be getting withdrawal symptoms from the transfer window because you’re making ITK style pronouncements about the starting lineup.

Your reputation is on the line here, don’t end up like that twat from


Probably cause he’s average as fuck.

Utd - De Gea
City - Ederson
Liverpool - Alisson
Spurs - Lloris
Chelsea - Kepa

Arsenal - Leno :upside_down_face:


Cech’s been made one of the captains, no chance Leno is starting in the league unless Cech drops a few absolute clangers.

I also have a feeling Cech is going to have his best season with us.


Think one will be cup goalie and the other the league.

Kinda like the Bravo/Ter Stegen route Barcelona did in 2015

Edit: yeah fuck that just start Leno Vs Chelsea^


Our last 3 captains have literally ridden the bench until they retired or were sold.

Being Captain means nothing at Arsenal.


On today’s Arsecast, James said he’d heard whispers that Leno hasn’t looked good on the training ground and no one’s convinced that he looks ready to be no1.

Good times.


If even remotely true Sven needs to be put on notice


Only if when given the chance to be #1 that he fails.

But yeah not convinced by Sven so far, it’s early days though.


Oh yay I’m loving our revolution


If yesterday’s result was “expected”, starting whom didn’t really matter…
So, how ready can be called as “ready”??
Sounds like it was a shit transfer and we bought the wrong keeper IMO, if Leno was “not ready”



:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

The banter era was never leaving, was it?

Glad the baldy is fucking off to Milan then.
Fan protest Liverpool style to kick out the Kroenkes and then…profit?



I think Ederson, Alisson and Kepa all have less experience than Leno yet were/are starting immediately for better teams.


The last few weeks I’ve really been put off by this signing :disappointed: all our rivals have big money gk’s and we have this guy ffs


I’m personally waiting until he actually flops before letting loose all manner of abuse towards Baldzidis and Homlislintat.

Not to mention the yank fuckers

Edit: to be fair though:


Let’s hope that that is overblown. If Cech is the keeper, that won’t be good over the course of a season. Even worse is the Arsenal could have spent the 20 mil. or so on Leno on a prospect (CB, winger, etc.) instead.

Emery wants to play it out of the back and Cech looks ill suited for that at this point in his career.


My man

We know the deal.



Finally someone fucking quoted me


Ohhh boy… and we could have had Lafont at a lower cost… :facepalm: