Bernd Leno (19)


I don’t know about prime, that would imply he’s as good as he’s going to get.

I’m hopeful he will improve by a lot here underJavi Garcia and co.


He is in his prime, or entering his prime, doesn’t matter.
Cech is done, and is earning his pension, why do we start him?

I don’t buy the theory that let Cech to face City and save Leno aside…
We need to give Leno the pressure to improve. This is a good test, and a test for the management. I want them to show me how good Mustafi/Mav/Holding are and need to loan out Chambers.


Why would we start Cech when we just spent £25m on Leno?


Well, technically Cech is no1… Besides, Emery might prefer his experience for a game like Man City rather than throwing Leno in at the deep end. Leno will be our no1 eventually but i’m not convinced that it’ll be from the start of the season.


Sorry to say, but this is three points down the drain any way up. Blood Leno.


I got the feeling Leno was a Svengali signing, so I doubt that counts for much towards Emery’s evaluation of him being better or worse than Cech. I would assume they both had a fair crack at getting the place if they can perform.


I think Cech starts against City but Leno will take over sooner rather than later


Better to do this, or this is just a shit transaction and damage Leno’s development in long run.

Cech is no more exceptional and going to retire soon, can’t be our no.1 at all


Steady on @Luca_from_Italy you are the only one that predicts us to get relegated when having one of your famous meltdowns… I predicted us 6th last season and we finished 6th, I have also gone with 6th in 2018/2019.


Swear Luca has a thing for us getting relegated haha


Just kidding to take the piss at all the doom mongers :wink:


19 million*. Cech has one year on his deal. They could have said; ‘Petr, you remain first choice for the year you are still here, but we are going to sign your replacement. Also because we want to get rid of Ospina.’

I’m not really sure who is going to #1 tbh.


So save him the stress of shipping 4 goals on his debut


Why not six? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pretty confident Cech is going to be no.1. Leno will replace him next season. Leno’s also here to keep Cech on his toes and remind him he’s droppable for someone other than fucking Ospina.


Let’s say that Cech is not nailed on the number one spot anymore.


If Leno isn’t better than Cech that really is a sad state of affairs.


Plus, the signing was throwing money away if true. Could have signed a backup for much less than they paid for Leno.

I can’t imagine that Leno wasn’t purchased with the idea that he’ll take over sooner rather than later.


Nah, stick him in there. It’ll give him an idea of life in the PL and, football being what it is, you just never know.


We’ve gone with the investment so why wait?

This should be an in the thick of it from day one scenario.