Bernd Leno (19)


I quite like the hard dose of realism in this thread lol, instead of being deluded and blinkered.

Just thought I’d add that.


Should’ve signed Lafont. Another area where we have no balls. That’s what happens when your decision makers are the fat catalan three fideaús and camemberts a day cunt, the bald cunt, and Sven MISSintat.


you are so incredibly boring with your mini tantrums and misguided ‘knows best’ attitude, do you know that?


Meanwhile, you sir, are the epitome of interesting.


thankyou :wink:


Much younger than 40-year old Cech and going-to-be-30 Ospina, better than Martinez, and regularly on the German NT but just not this WC.

I don’t now how we can say this is not an upgrade. He is just 26 and going into his prime.


No probs pal-o-mine! :hugs:


Now this part I agree with. This is who I wanted.

I’m looking forward to watching a Lafont masterclass v CR7 next season, though :sunglasses:


Same. Seems a rising star at the right time


Haha I will steal that.


Ngl I feel pretty good about this guy.

I say that and he will ship 6 against City this weekend but I dunno.

Along with Torreira, Guendouzi and Lichtsteiner he’s in the :+1:pile.


I think cech will start.


Leno is the future of the club and he is in his prime.
Cech is near the end of his career…

I don’t know why we still have to start Cech.


I hope so, Leno doesn’t need his debut to be getting fucked by Aguero and Mahrez


You’re right, we should save him for West Ham. It’d be much less embarrassing to get fucked by Arnautovic and Wilshere.


Ok, we know we are getting relegated for you this season. Worse than Aussie atm. WTF has happened to you? :bellerin:


Lol we’re not getting relegated. I actually predicted us to finish 4th. But we do have a weak defence – there are no two ways about that. Our GK is the weakest of the top 6 by some distance. Hopefully we’ll manage to turn him into something decent – he’s certainly going to get a lot of practice anyway, what with the amount of shots he’s likely to face!


What did you expect after Wenger left? It was always gonna be a struggle.


I expected ol’ diamond eye to find us some bloody diamonds, not scraps from the Bundesliga



No one wants to join a team not playing in the Champions League.