Bernd Leno (19)


I’m going to be disappointed if he isn’t (very) good. I/We’ve been waiting for a proper goalkeeper signing since the Almunia days. Now eight (!) years ago.


What have Arsenal Football Club got against giving the starting goalkeeper the #1?!


They have given the starting keeper the no1…



Such a weird number for a keeper. Again.


Numbers don’t have to make sense anymore, they just have to mean something… keep up


The fact it’s a number not previously worn by Cech or Ospina is good omen already.


Sounds like some cunt just made that up tbh.

I mean those things are probably true but I doubt they are of any significance to Leno.


Are we forgeting Cech?


Always a short term option at 33 years old when we signed him. He needed replacing sooner rather than later.


Doesn’t disqualify him as a proper signing.
If we signed Buffon as a short term signing, it would still have been considered a proper signing, despite being older.


Tbf it was. I wanted as much as most. Hes declined quickly though and not had the influence on the defence that id hoped.


Cech was a shit signing then and he’s proven to be a shit signing three years later.


Very very few can claim they said Cech was a shit signing at the time of signing.


Yeah I think it was fine stopgap, but perhaps now past it… maybe in retrospect we could have gone a different direction, but I agree this was lauded or neutral mostly.

GK is a tough position in general b/c you really can only have one star due to playing time… It would be nice to get a young stud like Donna or even Lafont, but Leno is young enough and while he doesn’t thrill me as a signing, we’ll have to see how it plays out. If he comes good, it is very good signing that covers us for 6+ years.


Unfortunately you happen to be replying to one of those very few who did.


I am aware of that.


Well it makes your initial claim of hindsight to be very odd, if you knew that the person you were replying to said it at the time.


Calling Cech a shit signing at that time is more of a hipster move than a claim for me.
Like A4TT stating Lucas as a poor midfielder.

By all means, Cech could have been considered a mediocre signing but to claim he would be shit signing(given his stature, history & ability) would require an incredible foresight(in which case well done SCRJJ) or just a tendency to go against the masses.

And Even with Hinsight, I don’t think Cech is a shit signing, despite not wanting him in first place myself.

Edit - By the way, despite knowing his stance, I didn’t take his post as his personal opinion; rather I took his post as a general statement about Cech being a shit signing at the time.


I thought Cech would be good for a couple of years – especially when that upstanding member of society, John Terry, raved about him being worth 15 points a season. Honest John fooled me :pensive:


I agree… not a shit signing, but mediocre.

Even the blind one knew, Cech was way over his prime when we signed him.
He should be a transitional keeper for us in the beginning.

We delayed the process of finding a new, younger one for too long.