Bernd Leno (19)


Oblak lel. In no world is arsenal blowing 70 m on a fekin GK


And the rest! More to the point i dont think he would wanna leave AM for us anyway and i think he has a release clause or something and its about 100m euros. I doubt he will be leaving AM any time soon.


Wow conceded more goals than his expected goals basically every season :eyes:


I rate oblak, but paying that sum on a goallie is only reserved for your PSGs and Manures of this world.


Fake news


I know I know…you can but dream! Vive La (Sven) Révolution!!!


I’d rather we signed Jay Leno tbh


I don’t know anything about the man. But I’m guessing our new GK coach thinks he can be our number 1.



If I thought that meant anything I’d probably be disappointed.


This guy’s net worth is almost the same as David Beckham and Ronaldo.
We can’t sign him even throwing out a world record fee.


“Hi, i’m Bernd Leno”


Anyone notice that on his gloves it says LENO 1 :cech:


It’s the next brand war at the club now that Jack is gone.



Also by the same metrics Gabriel is the best defender in the world and Lacazette among the best strikers. 🖒🖒 Moral of the story, I’m much more willing to trust the diamond eye of Sven than some stats and the opinions of people who don’t watch a lick of german football. Let’s see what he does in an Arsenal shirt.


Looking forward to us ironing this out of him


Of course, a new challenge id always good to improve yourself.


Thanks god this world class legend of a keeper wasnt tainted by the shambles in Russia we’ve just witnessed.

Although if he was there, they’d have won it again…


Mustafi at the WC = Winners

Mustafi at the Confed Cup = Winners

Mustafi on the beach somewhere = Germany join him

Mustafi was the key. They fucked it not taking him


Number 19…