Bernd Leno (19)


All the negativity in this thread has ruined this signing for me, not even excited. You bastards.


You know you’ll be gushing like a newly wed bride when he’s holding up the shirt.


Find yourself a knock off copy of football manager 2015 and getttt hyyyppeeeee :train2: :bullettrain_front:


Meh, balls to it.

Herzlich Willkommen, Bernd! :slight_smile: :de::de::de::de::de:


Great price for someone who has to prove a lot here.


I’m just so excited about the fact that we’re actually signing a relatively famous keeper from Germany!

Our keeper policy since Lehmann left in 2008 has been fucking atrocious so the idea of signing a German keeper who was even just hyped a few years ago is so exciting.

I feel so pathetic haha



I suppose it makes a change that we’ve actually gone out and addressed a problem area with like, an actual signing. I mean, we’ve gone out and done the obvious thing that was expected. That’s refreshing at least.


How are we pronouncing this chap’s name by the way? Is it Burned or Bernard. Lenno or Leeno?


Bernd Leno


Bearnt Lee-noh.


Its not really a t though. More like a d



But isn’t d a t sound at the end of a word? I’ve checked pronunciation sites and they all say ‘Bearnt Lee-noh’.


Bwan bwan budafada smelkypoo fantasbaring kikki-pa-da…

or “Bob”

Not decided yet…


Have you any examples where the d is pronounced as t ? :henry2:


The concept of value hasn’t changed but what constitutes value obviously does change with more general price inflation. Young CBs who decent-but-not-special prospects are regularly going for 30-40m these days when bought by English clubs and many of them have struggled (Mustafi, Rudiger, Lindelof, Sanchez, etc). Higher rated CBs like Van Dijk (75m) and Laporte (57m) are crazy expensive. I don’t say how one can say that 16m (and likely pretty cheap wages for a veteran player) for a CB who walks into our backline and improves us for 2-3 years is clearly bad value.


Nope. :slight_smile: But we’ll find out how he says it during the inevitable ‘foreigner signs for Arsenal, so ask him in his first 20 interviews how his name is pronounced’ clips. :wink:


New WAG. Bernd has guuuuut taste:



Arsenal should have announced this straight after Ospina fucked up. I’m disappointed in them.