Bernd Leno (19)




Still my favourite post of the summer :arteta: completely hilarious parody of our meltdown on that horrible Fellaini day.


He also signed Emery…


Remember that day clearly. Cristo was in fullblown meltdown :arteta:


Haha yeah err sure, parody sure right yeah haha





Unai just signed an extension to 2025. Deal with it !


More for you to deal with, mate, cause I’ll be watching mi Atléti!! :raised_hands::facepunch::metal::vulcan_salute::v::wave::wave:


Griezmann will be busy pursuing his reality TV career next season: “ keeping up with the Griezmanns”. No time for football im afraid.


And we’ll still be better than you wannabe Cholistas under Emery.


For some of us who follow European football Leno and Sokratis could be known quantities. That goes for people at the club too. Aubameyang is as much a part of his network as Sokratis is. If you fault him for Leno and Sokratis he deserves credit for Aubameyang. Again, you don’t think a (head) scout has better mapped out which players are where in regards to Torreira?

My expectations are low regarding the Mislintat and Emery combination. Contending for top four and Europa League victory. How they go about that is their problem; if it means overpaying for Leno and Sokratis that’s allright with me. I reckon they will not receive critique from me soon if they meet that. Anyone who hasn’t adjusted expectations since Emery is appointed is kidding themselves anyway btw.


I am not really sure its an overpay, to be honest, the way transfer fees have gone. 20m euro for Sokratis is like paying 10m five years ago. My guess is that both Leno and Sokratis will also be on relatively cheap wages.

Despite what some supporters think, you can’t sign a world class player for every position of need. Obviously you will need to find some truly top talents if you want to compete with the best. But you also need to be at least decent in all positions and Sven/Emery inherited a team with some huge problem areas, including GK and CB. Simply finding solid players like Sokratis and perhaps Leno (I don’t know enough about him to really say) to take over those roles likely represents a significant improvement over the status quo.


If he cost like 5 euros or something, I would be like that.

The extreme opinions on him scares me.


Can’t be that bad if we weren’t the only club interested in him :xhaka:


This is the go to excuse for anybody trying to justify expensive fees. Yes the market has changed but the concept of value for money hasn’t. £16m for a 30 year old with one year left on his deal who was never elite, coming off a suspect season is not value.

Dortmund are going to use alot of that to fund Abdou Diallo, who is an interesting player with alot of upside.


Of course the concept of what constitutes value for money has changed, I can’t see how you can argue otherwise. Transfer fees in generally have risen hugely, and with that the definition of value for money has shifted too.

I’m not even talking about Sokratis specifically because as much as I’m willing to give it a chance, my initial feelings about it aren’t good.


And oddly, we were linked early in the season for just that guy. Strange.


£19m is buttons for a club our size. Happy with this tbh


There has been inflation no doubt, but I think you’re right, if you’re after simply adequate players and not potentially the top players or future top players it’s possible to find them on the cheap.

There had already been big inflation when we paid £3m for the Colombian #1 but we still pulled that off.

But still, the fees we’re supposedly paying for him and sokratis are not going to ruin a club our size. I’m more worried by potential wage rules if we’re going to believe them.


Just for the Ornfactor.