Bernd Leno (1)

I genuinely can’t see it unless it’s to a club like West Ham or Everton, who both need a new goalkeeper.

On another note - I think we should take a punt at Strakoshka from Lazio. Hit a poor run of form and got injured and lost his place to Reina (yes, that Reina). But I have seen enough of him to know he has a very high performance level and has one year left on his deal and is being actively shopped around.

Him or Woj, two out of form but top goalkeepers, would be ideal for us.

We should have kept Martinez in hindsight but we have other areas to worry about before Leno IMO.

A list of the GK’s from teams above us in the table:
De Gea

I’ve seen nearly all of them come under heavy criticism at times in the last year or two tbh. We’ve scored 46 goals in 34 games. We have bigger issues. If we were a top 4 team looking for finer margin improvement we can start worrying about Leno’s position. My biggest annoyance with him is not commanding the box off crosses and aerially.


It wouldn’t be for most teams but we are a club that sold Martinez and replaced him with Runarssen.

Trusting Arteta to sell Leno and replace him with anything more than Icelandic, third division, fourth choice GK, would be foolhardy.


The more I think about this the more it leaves me fuming. What a horrible decision to part with Emi last summer. Fuck Leno if this is true.

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Can’t wait until Arteta brings a keeper that can’t reach the crossbar but has great footwork.


we will get runarsson as our number 2

Even if we sold Leno and kept Emi, still a chance that Emi wants out, especially our defense is so shit and there is no harmony in the team.

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With the way Arteta likes to play out from the back I have felt we’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole with Leno. He’s often a good shot stopper but he’s looked very vulnerable in this style of play. I think it’s now affected his confidence making the situation even worse.

Just hope we get a good keeper in when he goes and one that can play well with ball at feet.

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Or no arms at all. Unnecessary feature in his tactics.


Lmaooooooo :grin::grin:


We don’t even have European football except Emirates Cup… anybody who has a tiny bit of ambition will jump ship…

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Well good luck mr Leno in finding a CL club that want you as their first choice.

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Probably not that difficult. A team like Dynamo Kyiv would take him.


Leno would go down in Cole, RvC and Cuntegras levels of snake if he leaves this summer.

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Time to use that buy-back clause for Martinez


Disagree, there is, and always be, lots of players who move on, if the teams they are with, cannot give them Champions or Europa League football.
Why the feck would any top player want to stay and be mis-coached by a complete and utter useless novice of a manager…
I say, good luck to Leno, and anyone else who realises that they need to get away from PR Teta.