Bernd Leno (1)

Clean sheet

Fucking finally.

Hopefully the future will come with him back in the Bundesliga and us with a top quality goalkeeper again.

He’s not our biggest problem by any stretch of the imagination and I’d totally be comfortable with him remaining our number one for a couple more seasons. But he’s not irreplaceable that’s for sure.


Big Emi returning will be like when Henry came back vs Leeds :heart_eyes:

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We definitely sold the wrong dood last summer🤣

We sold the wrong guy even before Leno started reminding the board he’s only got two years left on his deal.

At a normal club you’d expect the board to begin negotiations with the player before he entered the last 24 months of his deal but Arsenal aren’t normal, so we’ll end up running him down to the last 12 months and then probably sell him for less than the fee we paid.


You can’t start negotiations with a player if he doesn’t want to.
Btw, look at the contracts expiring next year.

This is not an Arsenal problem. It’s happening everywhere.

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Yeah, I do remember Wenger making a point (which he was ridiculed for at the time) about more and more playing running their contracts down now. We’re obviously seeing that at PSG with Neymar and Mbappe and some other really notable names on there that you wouldn’t expect to see on the verge of entering the final 12 months of their deal.


That’s what happens when you carelessly hand out these massive contracts to players.
More players and agents want a piece of that.

Will be interesting to see which players start the season without renewing their deal. Reckon that’s gonna be most of them.

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Yeah. The bubble can’t be far off bursting that’s for sure.

I heard that the Haaland transfer will come with both his father and Raiola being paid very handsomely so not only is Haaland going to chase big wages his father and agent are also looking for hefty fees. Not to mention Dortmund won’t drop their asking price.

Football is a crazy game.


Would love to know how much this wanker has taken out of the game :grin:

Forbes reckons $84m in commissions.

Anybody seen this?