Benjamin White (4)

Didn’t someone show a picture of a very sus girl? Can’t say too much without feeling physically sick

I missed it but think it was pretty bad lol

There really is no need to discuss this any further. Thanks.

Christ. :sweat_smile:

Arguably the biggest game of the season so far and dude was nutmegging their players like it was a training session. :sob:


He even got Zinny subbed off. Boss move.

Thought he did well against Diaz.



Thats crazy. I would need to lie down on the grass after such a sprint. But Benny Blanco just makes a perfectly timed block in a high pressure situation.


He did well in that instance and had a great game. But I wouldn’t class a defender getting back into position and making a block as ‘insane’. Just did his job there and well.

I have never seen him smile a bit…

Maybe he is just really… really don’t give a fuck of everything.

Benny’s the best full back at the club. not as good as Zinny in attack, nor Tommy in defence, but as a package. an oddly tanned package.


For me the dude is just a great footballer that doesn’t give a fuck where he plays.
For a guy that doesn’t watch football he has a fantastic understanding of the game and brilliant anticipation.


Well he is educated to understand the game, so I won’t give him that much credit

He was everywhere today . . . Inverting and overlapping. Top performance that’s gone under the radar with Rice’s performance and the 6 goals. But he was class today.


yup, stellar again


I like I’m seeing in the past few games. White played the inverted role yesterday, and I am so happy, believe me. Kiwior playing as the more conventional full-back holding the width occasionally


White is overlapping on the regular again. When he does this and also drops into midfield, it makes us more unpredictable.

Crucially, it gives Saka more space to work his magic. Our attacking play was stifled relatively easily over the past number of months because of this.

When Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard get more room, we score more goals. Simple thing like the fullbacks taking one defender away with an overlapping run makes a big difference.


know what?
our players are starting to move everywhere on the field, and more fluid and more understanding each other.
still not seeing our fullbacks overlapping a lot but basically, they are just “everywhere”, not exactly “inverted fullback” on paper.

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