Benjamin White (4)

Haha, yeah he said that in All or Nothing, didn’t he?

Very odd half from him yesterday looked like he was playing hungover.


There was a moment when Ben White passed the ball straight to Antony’s feet like he was our 12th man.

Given a yellow quite early on in the game. Good decision to sub him off at half-time.


I was just gonna mention that lol. It was one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in football.

No pressure whatsoever, was given a couple of seconds on the ball as well.
One of those blunders Saliba and Gabriel do at times that you never expect from Benjamin.

To his credit, I think it wasn’t just him with that sloppiness in the first half. Partey was sloppy too, Odegaard as well. Our right hand side struggled in the first half.

Even Tomiyasu when he came on struggled a bit for the first 15-20 minutes of the second half.

Not sure if the pressure of the game got to him. He tried to play in his usual non chaos t and composed way but didn’t look anywhere near comfortable enough.

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He was ridiculously bad. Rightly subbed. Hope it was just a one-off.

I do feel bad for him because he didn’t have a chance to redeem himself like the rest of the team.
I think he decided his future though once he got that stupid yellow.
You could see them starting targeting him afterwards.

There was one counter attack where Fernandes was carrying the ball for quite some distance, Ben chasing him, you could see him readying a challenge but he pulled back and let him go because he was carded.
It was near the touchline so Arteta may have told him not to go in as well.

Had a tough time against Rashford and after the yellow he became more timid. Got bullied out there.

He’s had one bad game in half a season of football. If he only has one more until the end of the season and we can bring Tommy on to shut that shit down…yeah I’ll take that :bergkamp:

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Awful awful performance, very uncharacteristic of him but he’s allowed to have an off day too and great to see Arteta pull the trigger on the sub early in the game.

I’m sure he’ll be back to his best next game.

Glad to see Tomi coming in and performing in his stead. Imagine the days we had Jenks as the option.

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Looked poor vs Man Utd and today as well.

Maybe give Tomi some minutes in the next couple of weeks.


whats happened to him, he was awesome up until recently.

Not sure he was that bad today. Think we had more than a few worse performers today.

Saliba and Odegaard made his life very tough today.
Saliba kept passing him the ball when he was marked out and Odegaard kept losing the ball every time he received it, starting a counter in Ben’s side.

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He was terrible mate, absolute lazy passes all over the show and didn’t help Saka break the double team once.

Pinged a couple of decent crosses in but against Pickford and tarkowski that approach is useless.

Sloppy af.

Tomiyasu should start against Brentford.

Yeah, pretty much a shocker today. A couple of bad games back to back now. Don’t think you drop him just yet but Arteta probably should have hooked him earlier today.

Tomiyasu should have got in at HT, but not for White.

You would have taken Zinchenko off? lol

Seeing how the game went, yes.

Our midfield got bullied today. Zinchenko got done pretty much every time they came down his side.
Tomiyasu would’ve helped with our defending in set-pieces too as well as adding some much needed physicality in midfield.

This was never gonna be game where we would’ve won pretty.

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Really bad call benching him in this game. Didn’t mind Tomiyasu for more security but when we play from the back White is the leader of that backline whenever he plays. That backline today was a mess.

Genuinely banter era moments at times today.