Ben White

Arteta hasn’t failed. He won the FA Cup in his first season along with the Community Shield. He has improved our defensive shape and for the first time in ages we had the third best defence in the league. The second half of the season, when we moved to a 4-2-3-1 showed how well we can play and how successful we could be playing in that formation. Arteta and Edu have identified the problem players that simply aren’t good enough and we are in the process of reshaping the squad. We are talking about a fundamental overhaul, which does not happen over night. He needs to be given time and I am 100% confident that Arsenal will address key areas and strengthen during this window. We are going to have a good season and I am looking forward to seeing so many of you eat humble pie! #getbehindarteta


If Arteta does well I will give him credit, in the same way he deserved derision for failing to secure even EL football for the coming season. Having concerns based on his tenure and things observed so far is different from wanting him to fail. If he does well, Arsenal.does well, and that is of course what matters most.


I’ve not missed this ‘judge him in May’ reasoning at all. No one is wanting him to fail, because that means that Arsenal will fail, that’s just preposterous. Arteta has everything to prove after last seasons debacle!


He’s out the honeymoon period now and because of last season finish in the League it’ll be instantaneous judgement.
He’s in the position Emery was after Baku. Anyone thinking he goes through the season before giving a verdict is very deluded. He has to get this window right to give himself the best chance of survival.
Hope he does because he’s in the last chance saloon right now.


He’s absolutely failed given he led us to an outrageously low league finish by our standards and it was the first time in 25 years we hadn’t qualified for Europe.

Look, I’m quietly optimistic about next season and think we’ll be loads better but he’s been a failure thus far and the Arteta experiment has not been a good time. The FA Cup win aside, we’ve been dour.


Don the Don

The speed in which the transfer has been done is eye watering.

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Hate to be cynical, but it keeps the club in the transfer window news while not doing as much as it should/could. It’s not necessarily shady, I see in American sports for example that Dallas Cowboys have a knack of staying in the sports discussion panel shows a lot while not actually doing much.

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I’m a fan. Liked what a saw from him last season and probably quite low risk given his age and profile. Pretty sure Leeds, and most other teams outside the top 6, would be in for him if it doesn’t work in 2 seasons time.

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Really guys? Difficult to sign a player during the Euros and then the player has been on holiday. Deal done and agreed with the club and personal terms all agreed. Only thing outstanding is a medical. Not sure how the club could have moved quicker and lets not forget Brighton were reluctant to let the player go. Good deal, and although we have overpaid for the player we have done what we haven’t done for years which is to go the extra mile to secure the player we want. Good job all round.

Just by contrast, given that you love to put Arsenal down…has Utd completed the Sancho deal yet? I say no more!


To be fair, they’ve only been working on that one for three years. :poldi:


Think it is pretty hard to deny “close to official” often drags out at Arsenal quite a lot though. We have loads to do also, claimed it will be up to 5 more signings, let alone all the required exits. If it all comes through of course I will give the club credit, but it is not me putting the club down, it is action and results by club staff over the last aporox. 5 seasons that has done that.

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Rumour is that Ben White will complete his transfer next Monday. That makes 3 transfers in to date.

Saliba, Guendo and Mavro all sorted. Xhaka deal is almost done according to all reports. Positive noises about Bellerin, AMN, Torreira, and Nketiah leaving as well.

And we have signed up ESR and Tierney to new long term deals. We are getting business done and suspect the next targets and sales are already well advanced behind the scenes. I have faith!

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Have faith, that’s fine. I just come from it of an angle of accountability and pressure to deliver. The latter is not entitlement, trust me, it is after many years of patience, self-critically looking at whether patience on the part of Arsenal fans has helped or hurt. I love my club just as much as you do.

We don’t put the club down, the board have have dragged us down.
Supporters tolerating this nonsense is why we’re in this mess so if we don’t stand up and criticise, it will carry on.

As for Sancho, he is one of Europe’s top attacking young players who will probably cost the best part of 100m.
White is a Brighton CB, who still hasn’t been announced yet.

If this was a one off situation you might have a point.
But we’ve been told, since we moved to the Emirates, that we’re going to compete with Europe’s top clubs and nothing of the sort has happened.

The supporters have been lied to in every window, why would this be any different?

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Just out of interest, do you include yourself in this? And if no what have you done to not tolerate it?

Like a few others on here, I’ve often criticised the owners and the shambolic way they run the club.
Loads of people used to say that we’re not proper supporters because we dare to criticise them.

The way I see it is if you want the best for something you should always strive for perfection, not tolerate mediocrity.

Club owners rely on supporters to make them vast amounts of money and they know they have a captive audience that will only support the club and won’t go elsewhere.
They then take advantage of this situation because a large proportion of the supporters will either defend them or at worst, tolerate them.

This is what the board want, a passive support base that will go along with all their nonsense, with very little criticism.


People disagreeing with your criticism isn’t them saying there’s nothing to criticise though. I’m capable of thinking the club is poorly run while recognising that you can’t fault the level of investment given in the last five years. It’s possible to think not everything Edu does is a massive pile of shit and it’s equally possible to know that when Josh Kroenke speaks there’s little point in reading too deeply into what he’s saying as we know we only care about what he does.

You’re absolutely relentless about using any available stick to beat the club with and meanwhile you laud the likes of Everton for throwing shit at a wall in an attempt to break the top four or even more bizarrely spurs for sacking their manager the week of a cup final.

I don’t think there’s a single member of this community who is 100% behind everything the club does…so beyond typing words on here, what are you doing to make any difference whatsoever?


Exactly Invincible, it is so obvious I don’t know why some can’t see it. Maybe it is all conflated in some minds with the way Arsene was treated towards the end, which I did not like because of all he had done for the club, but shouldn’t we all agree we want better from the Kroenke’s, including better hires and some actual accountability at the club? We seek improvement, and that’s because we care.

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