Ben White (fee & personal terms agreed)


Orny is shook. Doesn’t want to get called out like Fabrizio!

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Ehhhhhhhh would he be an improvement? Haven’t seen much of Brighton

Not the tallest but he’s been quite good for Brighton this season following up on his great campaign for Leeds in the Championship to bring them up.

He does everything you’d want in a modern CB and can step into midfield on occasion, wouldn’t be mad at this signing but those figures are steep.


£40-50 million, what the actual fuck.


Englishman tax

Could take ~£40-50m — unlikely to be insurmountable for #AFC

Would be bad business, give Saliba a chance

He’s a £30m investment ffs


Spending £40-50m on Ben White? Come on Arsenal ffs


That’s literally an insane figure for a player who hasn’t exactly set the league on fire. He’s a good player but fuck me I wouldn’t even entertain the idea at that sort of money. You could literally pick up someone like Kounde or Konate for the kind of money- think Liverpool payed less for the latter. Kounde literally one of the best defenders in La Liga. £50 million for Ben White from Brighton, crazy conversation.


Might as well get Bissouma for theCM position, Lamptey for RB and Trossard for the #10 and call it a day. Arsenalbion

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What a nonsense transfer fee. I refuse to believe we will spend that much on fucking Ben White.

Next up we’ll hear about a £120m bid for Conor Coady


Considering Bayer are quoting us 70m for Tapsoba then I think 40m is worth it for White. He’s about to blow up next season. Kinda guy the others would blow 60-80m next season and media will be vouching for it.

Edu is just Ed Woodward in disguise.

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What actually annoys me about it is that regardless of the players talent and age we should be able to shithouse our way in and pry away players like this for about £25-30m tops because they want to make the step up

£50 million is like the type of shit you pay for the best defender in the fucking league. Orny’s always been a suspect cunt in my book but completely lost the plot since the Athletic started tickling his balls.


£40-50m for Brighton’s third best centre-back?

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What a load of Ben White



This cunt’s statdna better be through the fucking roof.

Potter will take him to Everton in the summer relax lads.

would rather pay that much money for walter white