Being very honest

I don’t miss it whatsoever. Glory supporter comment alert possibly but Milan being so shit and San Siro now given go ahead to be demolished, football isn’t the same for me anymore as it was in the 2000s. Every team had way more amazing players and more characters, and it was just overall more enjoyable.

I’ve gone massively into hockey instead, and so I’m missing that fuck loads, way way more than football.

@Stroller if arsenal won the league would you go as crazy for it as you did back then? I’m not sure how I’d feel about Milan winning it, possibly because it just seems so unrealistic.

Obviously I’d go nuts if Italy won anything, that never stops being special.


No mate. Im not part of it now. Thats been coming evident for awhile with me and the corona thing has been the final push for me to admit it to myself.
Football is about identity and being apart of. Ive said before this site gave me that and an association with the club but thats gone now.
I like different aspects of the sport now and theres enough decent talk on here to keep it relevant for me. Only fair I stay out of certain things about the current team when re start up then tbf. No overall I feel done with it. The biggest surprise for me is it doesnt seem to bother me. Think Ive hung in for awhile longer on the fear of giving up but the virus has just nailed it for me.


@shamrockgooner is totally on point. I’ve actually enjoyed a break from the football. The podcast action has been a lot of fun. Some of the non Arsenal stuff has been really interesting.

It feels very strange but in some way not having football means I haven’t had the temptation to be distracted by dumb stuff like Mustafi’s most recent fuck up. Instead it’s been a lot of family time with Maddie while my wife works at the hospital. Would I miss football more if Arsenal were a better team? Probably. Do I really care to watch Liverpool take a victory lap for the next few weeks? Not really. Maybe Arteta will try some interesting things, maybe not. At least the Bundesliga had an actual title race to settle.

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Watching football was synonyms to watching Arsenal for a good decade now and it’s been an emotional toll in that regards.

I want to watch Barcelona, Bayern but without an emotional connect, I can’t enjoy the games, don’t get the YES or the last minute goal euphoria. It just doesn’t connect as much.
Watching a neutral game is all about being entertained by some clever play or tricks and it happens few and far between in modern game.

I have enjoyed the break from football because of lack of transfer rumours as well. I can certainly dismiss all of them with full assurance and it helps. No more of would Aubameyang stay, would Lacazette go?
No one knows and I know no one knows. Love it.

Liverpool being shafted from an obvious league win also helps. Even if they come back and win it will be with an asterisk.

Unfortunately this break didn’t bring any change in the game for it to come back with some renewed policies or something to look forward to so I am bit meh about it coming back.

I think football should get a 20-20 makeover. There should be one short tournament that concludes quickly in domestic format.

Also I think it’s the age factor, I have better priorities in my life now. The younger days certainly seemed underlined by Arsenal activities.
Looking back it’s pathetic to make a football club such a huge part of your personality.

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One thing I do miss is Rovers. It feels like we were on the brink of a multi year period of success plus it’s actually football that I go to regularly. I think Rovers coming back and not being able to go is going to be tough.


There’s an age thing- when you’re younger than the players, it gives you something to aspire to.

Timing of the games- when Saturday comes. I get all misty eyed and nostalgic when I think of Arsenal kicking off at 3pm on a late autumnal Saturday and by a darkened tea time, waiting for the results to come in on the telly by the fire at home. Now we’re playing on friggin Mondays all the time.

I am also at the point now where I’m not even bothered about who we sell and sign. I can’t see football returning to packed stadia for a long time. Our current crop could be old, out of contract and less competitive.


What @Stroller said

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I think you’ve summed it up perfectly.

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I think I’m over it all now. I fell out of love with football as a whole a few years ago. I remember 10 years ago watching games from all over Europe fairly often but now I can’t be bothered with 120 minutes of that, and to be honest I’m bored of MOTD after about 30 minutes.

So you take away football and all that’s left is Arsenal, and Arsenal have mostly disappointed in recent memory.

I know Bournemouth fans that still love everything about it. They lose a lot but it makes the wins sweeter, and sometimes it’s just not their day but there’s always Burnley next week. They’re overjoyed when they put in a good performance and get a good win and still after 4 years in the PL they’re happy to see their club be comfortably bottom half.

Maybe I’m just an entitled big club fan now or maybe my life has just moved on but I just don’t get that buzz anymore.

Arsenal hasn’t felt like a club doing the best it can for over a decade now and I think the disconnect between board level and fans over that time has done damage.

So for whatever reason the excitement for Arsenal playing at the weekend has really just faded.


Gonna be a quiet match thread when football is back if you all hate it now :joy:


I mean you joke, but I can’t honestly see myself getting worked up because Mustafi didn’t chase his man down for the third time in five minutes.


I’m gonna enjoy it. I’ve even missed him :joy:

I’m so looking forward to getting worked up about shit like this.


This has been the worst thing about the club.
It’s made worse because our rivals have strengthened in positions they were weak in and often with top quality players while we continue to neglect certain positions every season and get the same predictable performances.

We’ve gone from title contenders, every season, to considering a top six place as some sort of achievement.

Winning titles costs a lot of money and our board are only willing to put in the minimum investment, while still making a good profit and watching the value of the club go up.

All our big rivals try their best while we drift along stagnating and losing all our best players.
When Aubameyang goes it will mean we have no elite players and we certainly won’t be buying any so it will prove how unattractive we are to any top quality prospects.

It’s hard to see how we can compete again but maybe Arteta can turn things round.
But with Newcastle and Everton showing they have more spending power than us, and clubs like Leicester, Sheffield United, Wolves, spurs etc, showing they are well run and ambitious, as well as Man City, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool being better run, more ambitious and more willing to spend, it seems as if mid table is our new level and we’ll have to adjust our expectations.
This is exactly what the board want because they know that supporters are loyal and will turn up in their droves every game no matter where we are in the league.


Jesus fucking Christ. This thread.

I honestly feel judged for missing football. For some reason people think that if you miss football it means you hate the NHS and you don’t understand that a worldwide pandemic is more serious than the Premier League.

I don’t mean all of you obviously. But in general, the “there are more important things happening” line has been said a lot. Well, yes, we know. But that does not mean you’re a knob for missing fun!

Not just football either. I miss sport. I had tickets for Wimbledon. I was looking forward to the Olympics. Sport is such a massive part of my life. And I’m not ashamed to say that yes I bloody miss it and can’t wait for it all to return.


Yeah this thread has gone a tad OTT. I miss football and I’m sure as hell some of you do too and cannot wait for some normalcy to resume.

Its not just the football, it’s the banter, the entertainment and for some of us the pure footballing and technical aspect of the game that I personally miss the most.

Also miss the routine on a weekend, planning my day around games, having something to look forward too. Theres only so much fucking working out, DIY etc you can do. Need some fuckong sport in my life.


I think Boxing could resume.

I genuinely hate the crowds at boxing. Baying for blood etc. They can’t get in the ring cos they haven’t the guts, why cheer when someone else goes down and is potentially hurt?

Get the boxers in the ring, trainers in the corners, judges and doctors. That’s all you need

Anyway, rant over.

That’s like saying why do football fans call players shit when they couldn’t get on the pitch and do what they do. By that logic we should never give opinions or share emotion if we are not professional athletes ourseleves lol.


Oh I’m not fussed about boxing. So that one can stay away :smile:

Nah, there’s something about a boxing crowd, man.

Totally fcks me off